Teen Rapes 6-yr Old Girl

[SIZE=7]Teen accused of raping 6-year-old girl on school bus; officials fear there are additional victims[/SIZE]


A 15-year-old Ohio boy has been arrested following allegations that he raped a 6-year-old girl on a school bus earlier this month.

Per The Bellefontaine Examiner, the victim’s mother told police on October 24 that the assault occurred on the school bus while the kids were on their way home from school. WCMH reported that the 6-year-old revealed the assault to her parents when she got home.

Last week, Benjamin Logan Superintendent Dave Harmon told The Examiner that the teen, who the newspaper identified as Jordan Griffin, was acting in the unofficial role of bus aide, explaining why he was seated at the front of the K-12 bus with elementary school students.

Harmon explained that it’s not uncommon for high school students in good standing to help younger students make their stops and assisting substitute drivers in navigating the bus routes.

“There were indicators from the sheriff that the perpetrator may have done things with other students on the bus,” he told WSYX, adding that the alleged abuse occurred outside the bus driver’s view.

The superintendent also said surveillance footage from the bus has been turned over to investigators, according to WHIO.

Griffin is charged with rape and gross sexual imposition. Housed at Logan County Juvenile Detention Center, The Examiner reported that school officials have drafted up suspension and expulsion papers and are consulting legal counsel to determine how the punishment should be doled out.

Harmon told the news station, “The student…violated a lot of trust in a lot of ways.”

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Amused you are a male version of Georgina Makena kazi yako ni copy pasting newspapers articles. When was the last time you posted something that wasn’t copy pasted?

but did he penetrate ama ni kudara tuuuu , wasamehe kijana bado ni mtoto pia

15 years on 6 is definitely predatory, but we all know how crooked the needles of your moral compass are.

Alafu nikisema unafikiria kama mende unajam…kijana wa 15 yrs ni mtu mzima anaweza zalisha na fudhi mpaka kwa matako, akili zake timamu ,anatombaje mtoto wa 6 yrs and you think its ok?