Tecno Phones Common problems

I think tecno phones have too much problems.
Find some solutions here if you need help Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

Mediatek hoiyeeeeeeeee. Tecno Camon C8 no problemo

Hoyee… Phantom 5 doing well

my niece always comes to me with shida ya charging na insufficient memory techno c8

Hio ni bonoko ya nigeria

Its Tecno, Techno is another brand,… Am proud of my Tecno Y6 though Android version ningetaka latest…

tecno C8 got memory Issues…Once had one…disposed it for an htc

Have had one for more than a year now. Top notch

Had onec8 ata wezi walinitoka

Then that means you should have an external card for easier manipulation of the phone.

am sorry my keyboard doesn’t recognise the word tecno

Phantom 6 hoyeee.

Camon CX hoyeee

poor in multitasking

sijawahi maliza 6months na tecno phone,mostly ni charging problem ama inanibore naiuza i buy another one,sida mingimingi ata yenye niko nayo sasa imeanza shida ya charging na haijamaliza 3 months(but i can’t buy an expensive phone nikiwa hii vumbistan na ulevi hii yote)