Tecno phantom 8

Sony already updated their flagships to Oreo

:eek::eek: gyroscope??? Hiyo tuliona tangu enzi za Ideos idiot phone ama Nokia Communicator.

Lol, a ‘killer feature’ kwa wasee wa tecno. Something strange and new to them.

Consider 6GB Ram na iPhone bado iko na 2gb. This phone is value for money… 45k only.

Mimi am going to 4" iphone 5s from my current 4.7" A3 2016. Typing with both hands imenishinda. I have midget fingers :smiley:

the good thing with samsung you can change the input screen size

Android iko hivyo na pia you can dock the keyboard anywhere esp with akina swift key

I love using the keyboard in its default or native position.

I love the freedom of doing whatever I want with my device without restrictions

Maybe you have not tried to send an emergency text

on small screens i have problems typing unajaribu kuhit q and my thumb hits w, below 5.5 inch ni shida tupu

Honestly, 6GB RAM and the phone operations will never approach iPhones butter smooth operations? There must be something inherently wrong with the ecosystem.
~ Do more with less always. Never less with more.

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iphone runs on a chipset specifically designed for it’s os, android phones use chipsets built for a large consumer base routers, phones, tvs. then OEMs alter android os even further to make it work on these devices

mimi hucheka nikiona arguments kama hizi zenu

Changia mswada basi badala kucheka tu.

nyinyi ndio wale hucall na tablets in tao

haha tablet hapana

That means you must type using both hands. Doing that in the street is kidogo ya watu born '90s

I bet you’ve owned or used airport express, Apple TV/ watch and iPod.

Tecno try to come up with a good device but ubaya yao they are still stuck with MediaChieth…they should learn from the top flagship devices who go for Snapdragon processors…