Tecno phantom 8

Released in Dubai 3 days ago. Expected in Kenya in a few days. This phone is the shit. Will retail @ ksh 35000-ksh45000.

@Koolibah here your gem

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Mediachieth hoyeee…


a tecno will always be a tecno …no matter how glorified they package it


another expensive piece of shit will ne released but promises of firmware update will be unending


Shida ni size. 5.7" hiyo ni hiwe ya 9" (ihiga rîa naeni), I already find 5.5 too much ans want to go for 5.2, I think Oppo offers that. But all the otber soecs are awesome. Ati gyroscwhaaat! Mediatek hoiyeee

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simu imepita 5’’ kwangu ni ngumu kutumia pia…


Mediashit inside??? NO Thank you.

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5.2 ni sweet spot


Yes Sir, I was thinking of going to 5.5 but after trying out the feel of it using one hand I decided just stay at 5.2 aka Nokia 5 - the reason for going Nokia ni the clean android and the updates .
The bigger the screen the more juice you need to power it.
The higher the resolution the harder the GPU works to push pixels.


Nokia 7 ilitoka jana, wait for it

Using same 3000mAh battery as 5 and 6 but with beefier hardware ,i.e processor ,GPU and higher resolution screen .This is a no for me.
Battery life, and functionality is key to me ,vitu zingine ni just non essential .

kama imepita 40k hapo heri mtu anunue oneplus 3T

Snapdragon 630 vs 430, you want to tell me 430 has better battery life than 630?
430 has no big.little cluster as compared to 630 so which is better at battery management?
430 is limited to usb 2.0 while 630 usb 3.1
430 to bluetooth 4 630 to usb 5
tunaweza endelea but there is no way a 2015 soc is better than a 2017 soc in battery management.

future proof yourself, go for the 630

on a similar note nangoja nokia 2. It will tune in better with my day to day activities. not too big,battery life decent,I just hope they dont make it heavy

So what’s its selling point? Strengths… As for price… 2 months after its disappointing launch and it hits 27k. 3rd month and no one is bothered with it…

Whether they release it in the White House or Muchatha, a Techno will still be a Techno.

Ndonge ?


I feel if Nokia continue in that direction they might actually catch up. I noticed all their android devices released with nougat are receiving Oreo since they’ve chosen not to skin the original android . Even though Samsung are the last to update their phones I must say they have the best user interface if I cant use Samsung I can only go for stock android and that would be Nokia since Pixels are damn expensive.