Technology Changes Fast. Wezi Wa 1990s Loved To Steal VCR

Modern day theives wakivunja nyumba wapate kuna TV ya CRT hawaibagi. Fossils will remember that in the 1990s VCR ilikuwa inaitwa colloquially Video. Hii kitu illikuwa thieves magnet. Saa hii even Tech Savy thieves might not want to steal a DVD player. When was the last time you used a DVD disc?

@ChifuMbitika alikua anauza stash yake ya porn VHS tapes huku, He had dubbed/copied them when they were still the in thing.

What I don’t get about this gadget thieves ni wana iba bila market , when they are busted unapata nyumba imejaa electronics , jamaa amejaza vitu za wizi za miaka mbili , when cops tell uys and come identify there stolen merch unapata imejaa inje ya karao !

With online video sites, I no longer use DVD disc

Saa hii ile kitu iko juu ni harvesting & metals components down to the Chip level. Vitu kama damaged Phones with 32GB kwenda juu fetch a good price while dead. During the 2020/2021/2022 Covid lockdowns Microchip supply chains were heavily disrupted. Used gadgets were being reclaimed for Chip Harvesting. EMMC chip was in high demand, still is even today. In Kenya sijui kama Chips zinangolewa in bulk.

Sometime back hizi keypads za KPLC za HEXING zilikuwa zinaibiwa sana, there was something in them that was getting harvested.
Those old 1990s electronics contained much more Gold milligrams than today’s that is why eWaste in bulk is big $$$$, the same with Copper and tin. In the 90s Solenoids and Inductors used almost 97% pure copper unlike today where the %tages have gone down 66% due to availability of advanced alloys.