Technical Courses

hey talkers which Technical college can one enroll for a technical course in phone Repairs, CCTV camera installations and electrical related installations/repairs and how long can this course take .? Suggestions are welcome and will be highly appreciated.

Angelia hapa

hapa naona mambo ya “teach yourself”

Must it be a college? What if you get someone who’s already in that field and can train you at a fee?

Ama you want a cert.

He needs certification lest he ends up like me.

Bike paint guy si nilidhani wewe ni Eng.

Kwani how did you end up? Lakini you have Shepart certification

I am an surgeon.
Upande wa nduthi sijafanya hata trade test.

all the national polytechnics have electronics engineering courses at cert and diploma level for those with the entry requirements; in fact nyeri had two telecoms engineering workshops lying idle for lack of students to take the courses last year.

Kama haujapitisha miaka Ingia nys.

Surgeon and you don’t scrub those hands. Wacha hizo


Does this have to do with the “open minded chairmanship?”

Phone repair nunua bundles alafu uingie youtube.

Why are you bisecting the Surgeon?

Repairing things needs a lot of self taught skill. Courses will have you do alot of irrelevant maths. You should just have good internet to download books because you will need them, and you will also need to learn from the best, and you can only access the best through internet. Otherwise utakuwa mwizi tu kama mafundi wa tao.

He scrubs with WD 40 :smiley:

Ona sasa… Nduthi surgeon.