Techies wananukisha otunguu buana

Okay this is my encouragement to start on Solidity asap :oops:o_Oo_Oo_O. Nikipata hii, I am relocating back to Nairobi on the next plane. Mambo ya snow sitaki :D:D:D @Sambamba @Thirimaii leteni maoni[ATTACH=full]416174[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]416175[/ATTACH]

Are you sure about that salo,seem too high ata kama ni huko majuu.
Cost ni less in Kenya compared to majuu so be sure you’ll not get the same salo…wataipunguza na % fulani.
I would recommend that you get the job from there and tell them you will work remotely from Kenya.Kuipata ukiwa Kenya itakuwa ngumu

Actually sio mimi naaply I just saw it and wished it was me. That salary is so sweet

Job ziko,I look at what guguu offers na niko qualified but the guys never hire locally,You stand a big chance while out there.So try you luck

What does this job entail.