Techies please help!

Techies, a novice here wants to learn your ways, where do I start!? I have a book on HTML & CSS and Python and a crappy laptop. Please break it down to me in the simplest terms possible!

install Microsoft Studio Code ans start learning.
Anzia HTML
THen HTML5 just few additions
Then CSS
Halafu Bootstraps
from JS chukuaone of hizo frameworks/Libraries zake eg Angular, JQuerry, React etc usome
Make something out of these na hivyo ndivyo utaiva Front end web design

For Python install Python from
Install Thonny from (I find it as the best IDE for learning Python, though hata hiyo MS Code hapo juu handleys Python fine)
Learn the basic syntax then create some simple scripts
Once sure now try working with it’s Frameworks like Django, Flask, Web2py etc if interested in websites, Numpy,Matplotlib, scypy, tensorflow, keras etc if interested in data analysis/visualisation/Machine learning… etc etc. Kuna many frameworks/libraries for diff stuff

work on a project when done learning

Codecademy is a good place to start

Unaconfuse mdhii wa HTML na CSS na mambo ya sijui matplotshiet na scypssy…get serious

Freecodecamp too

HTML → CSS → Javascript → JQuery → Bootstrap

Anza na hizo kwanza.