Tech tips

This is how you play youtube videos on repeat: replace

YouTube lets you play the game of snake while your video is buffering.


convenient place to put your earphones when you’re away from your laptop.


Create a gif meme from any YouTube video in seconds.

Use a pen spring to keep cables from breaking.


A lot of people don’t know you can actually clean your iPad screen perfectly with one side of the smart cover.


Next time you’re at the airport try adding 2.jpg to the end of URL and you’ll get a free wi-fi. This hack will work on all Wi-Fi networks that allow images to go through without a redirect.


Did you know you can use your earphone controls to take photos with your phone? It’s especially useful when taking selfies.


Wow! very informative for a computer danda-head like me.
Now,tell i, my earphone plug in thing is fucked on my laptop such that i just cant get anything on the earphones plus its like its so loose it just wont “plug in”
Is there any other way of working around the earphone hole thing so that i am still able to use the headphones?
(na staki kuskia at Buy another laptop!)

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iyo labda upeleke kwa ndifu…

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Nice tips, lakini sio kila mtu anatumia apple products…

Akhhhhhh…Mimi na android yangu si nimejaribu hiyo ya selfie using earphones! SMDH!

you can help mtu ako nayo

:smiley: :smiley: apparently sio simu zote

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These are good…not like those fake one you posted last time :smiley:

ahah nilikuambia ni vie tu unataka

usb sound card lakini tupa hio laptop :smiley: