Tech jobs

In as much we love to brag how tech jobs have high salaries, Tech is highly competitive and filters for IQ chini ya maji. In the US, big woke tech firms rarely hire graduates from HBCUs. They only hire from PWIs only. Surprisingly these woke firms are at forefront pushing for “diversity” :smiley: but behind the scenes, they would give right wing guys like @Sambamba a heart attack when it comes to bias, discrimination and racism in their hiring practices and processes.

HBCU - Historically Black Colleges and Universities

PWI - Predominantly White Institutions





Why don’t you complete your studies and go back to Kenya? That’s what one of my cousins did. Got employed at Oracle Kenya. Juzi we were talking with an uncle of mine who’s also a manager there and he told me the young lady just got a 13% cut from the sale of some application or some stuff like that…I’m not that conversant with tech. she developed and marketed it with another partner. 13% was ksh 60,000,000 million to be shared between the two.
I know of many other friends who are really doing well in that space back in KE. Kama ungekuwa sector ya finance then it’s the other way round since Europe and some parts of Asia is where most Kenyans are making really good strides in terms of employment. You’d be a hotcake if you really considered being based in KE but still work for big tech atleast for the first few years of your career

Sometimes it feels like the push for diversity is just lip service. I remember feeling frustrated with the competitiveness of the tech sector. That’s why I started exploring other options, like opportunities tied to 10th 12th Pass Government Job. It’s about finding a path that values everyone’s potential, regardless of background. While the tech industry may have its biases, there are still avenues where one’s skills and dedication are recognized and rewarded fairly. So don’t lose hope, there’s a place where your talents will truly shine.