tech guru's saidieni uncle uwesmake

Friday nimetoka job msapere amepika chakula tamu nikasema ni bond na bibi .

All my electronics are WiFi enabled from ps4 to my 60 inch 3D SONY tv . So wadau my problem is my TV connects to the wifi and it has internet .

My other gadgets from laptop to phone connect to WiFi but they show there is no internet . Nimerestart kila kitu mpaka nika reboot WiFi machine but bado only the 60 inch Sony 3D TV ina ingia internet .

What could be the issue wadau saidieni . Nitarusha namba ya momo yellow 18 years .

Check the router and confirm it’s set to dynamically assign IP addresses. Also check the other gadgets whether they are on dynamic or manual. System may be trying to shake off the previous connection setting.

Thank you sir ill do that but more detailed info would assist me as a layman

EFFIDENS of SQUNNY or it never happened

Ilikua 55" sasa kuruka mwaka imeongeza.

Nimechoka kuskia piss4 na anakuanga na pad ya ps3 iko na vumbi kama tomb zs egypt…I support your motion with thy evidence
Hii flash ni upuss when its off its too dark when on its too bright
[ATTACH=full]149395[/ATTACH] am too high don even know what to do next

Hii ngombe haiwezi elewa …

Throw out your outdated equipment with the trash.
Usikuje kutuuliza kuhusu vitu za 2004.

@Freakazoid = @screwplus

ION @uwesmake your 60 inch SQNY tv is drinking all the wifi. Switch it off and check if the issue is resolved.


Forget WiFi and reconnect…
Reset to default settings your WiFi router.

Log into the WiFi router and confirm how many devices it is allowed to connect to. Maximum is 32 on a huawei router. Maybe umeweka 3

24 inch screen imekuwa 60 inch sasa

Mimi naona y2k bug imekufikia

Omwami let your laptop and phone pick ip addresses automatically,kwa lapi enda kwa wifi,properties,tcp/ipv4 then obtain ip address automatically.

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Hiyo 60 inch ni size ya waist ya momo

thanks , manduguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ng’ombe ni ng’ombe tuu

niaje omwami , kamua purr polepole