Tech Freaks Saidieni Kabla Nanii Amove Hii Thread..............

I posted here so that I could get help soonest.

So back in the day, back, back in the day I wrote some poems and saved them on diskettes. I know half of you do not know what diskettes are, but they were the main thing BEFORE flash disks AND CDs.

We used them back in the late 80s up to the 9os.

Now I want to publish my anthology and I need those poems.

How do retrieve them from the diskettes? And are they still there?

:D:D:D:D:D…best of luck with that…just look for old machines that used to read floppy disks and hope that your floppies are in good shape though it is very unlikely (I am assuming that diskettes are floppy disks)

Yes you can fossil…

Nakumbuka hizo diskettes/floppy disks hio kitu ilikuwa kama slice ya mkate

They are in good condition. Is there a professional service that does this kind of work?

This is not a good answer. Please tell me where I can get help sir.

Kuna computers (Desktops) that still have floppy drives. I actually have one. Ata town huezi kosa. Ni mambo na copy paste tu. But kama ni ile diskette kubwa, sijui kule utatolea

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what should worry you is whether the information is still intact or not. machine za diskette bado ziko like p4s bado ziko na hio slot ya diskette…walk to any stall in cbd offering printing services tomboya…ukikosa niambie

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first things first, are they in 5 and 1/4 inch or 3 and 1/2 inch :D:D:D, the former… you might not have much luck

Just walk into a cyber cafe that you used to frequent in the early 00’s. They should have one or two working machines with a floppy disk drive.

East Africa data handlers.
Gugu them priss.

Thanks. And as Village Sponsor, give me the rights to ban/censor some people. Here I am asking a genuine question and idiots want to derail the thread by talking about bachelors.

Huu ujinga mimi sipendi…

But they’ll charge an arm and a leg.

Are they 2.5 or 5.5? If the answer to both is yes, niletee

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Just buy a USB-plugged diskette drive. They do exist. The only thing to be concerned about is the integrity of the data in the diskettes after such a long time of dis-use. I hope uliziweka in a dust-proof, magnet-proof, dry place.

Toa kakitu I can pull strings for you

Goood job.
with this one you have to specify what you mean by floppy


I can bet that you not only saved the poems on diskettes, but the word processor involved was Word Perfect. If you’re not an absolute noob on tech, you can purchase a [B]“Floppy to USB” external interface[/B], cost only about Ksh. 1500 - 2000, get an old software version to open the files, and then convert to a format that is more current, or better still into raw text or Rich Text Format so that you do not have the problem in future.

Let me know if you decide to go that way. Any commercial service to convert will cost you a huge chunk of cash.