Why are medical personnel( doctors, nurses) crying over deaths, and in public? Who lied to them that they are able to save all lives? May they spare us such over-dramatization and let them do their job. I suspect that some of them are getting too emotional and in the process flouting rules relating to infection control…like wiping their tears while on duty!

Yes, some of them are probably using personal effects, including phones, and thereby being sources of infection to patients. o_O:eek::meffi:. How do we explain the deaths of 55 Italian doctors, if they were all observing strict infection control protocols. Chances are that there are a few healthcare workers who are infecting their non-suspecting colleagues, especially while in their common areas(dining,rest) where none has protective gear!

Likewise I have no sympathy for soldiers who cry while in uniform. Once you get emotional you lose the ability for rational thinking. So, whichever medical worker that gets too emotional should be relocated to other areas where humans don’t die! I hope I got that right!

They are crying coz they are unable to help…

People cry because they’re human. They feel empathy and it produces an emotional response. If you ever meet a doctor or soldier or anyone for that matter who does not or cannot cry, run away very fast because you’re dealing with a sociopath.

“Emotion” is fine, but demonstrable? Dr Larry Nassar(jailed for life), and many more get emotionally involved, and they lose. There is a level stoic that should define a soldier or a doctor. It is not mere empathy. In fact most soldiers who suffer PTSD are victims of wayward emotion. Let people choose their professions wisely! Don’t be a doctor just coz you passed exams, or be a soldier coz of good cardio…

You’re pulling a lot of “facts” out of your asshole, John. What’s more, self righteous people like you always talk a big game but when the rubber meets the road you always fall short.

Not sure about that, but I see so many dead mangled bodies, daily! I like steak!

When the kitchen becomes too hot take a break. Do not contaminate. Otherwise that hosp may become the center of spreading the virus.

Damn, look at you John, you can look at dead bodies without flinching. They should put you on the frontlines in Somalia. The insurgents won’t know what hit them.


The point I am driving home is that it is quite easy to flout the rules once we get too emotional. I mean it takes only one mistake, and the rest of the colleagues get infected.

Kulia ni kawaida bana

The point I’m making is that suppressing emotions is not a sign of strength or professionalism.

They are crying because they are human beings. Many doctors and health workers post WW2 have never experienced such levels of illness and unprecedented deaths before them. They are only used to situations where they lose an average of a patient per day and even then, the patient does not go through a lot of suffering. In other words, they are overwhelmed.

You must be a serial killer or a mortuary attendant in that case.

I am uncomfortable with surgeons who cry while performing operations. I can’t allow a crying soldier to guard my gate, let alone our borders. I need tough humans who inspire! Will you feel confident seeing a policeman crying while chasing thugs?

They cry in private but they do cry, your discomfort with that is your problem and yours alone.

See! We are on the same page. Crying does not inspire confidence especially when exhibited publicly by persons who we look upon for help. There are two ladies( in Kenya) who committed suicide coz they thought Covid-19 infection is a death sentence. A German minister also committed suicide coz of corona-related issues. They were probably influenced by politicians/doctors/nurses who cry as if the world shall come to an end coz of this disease. We need solutions, not tears, if anything the tears might be full of coronavirus!

We may be on the same page but you’re being awfully derivative, linking things together with no real logic or evidence other than your personal feelings.

This is not the time for Bibliography! I have all links available.

You have links proving that health workers are getting infected because they’re crying, and that people including a German minister are committing suicide because they saw health workers and politicians crying?

Are Kenyan Doctors and Nurses crying?.I don’t think so and if they are that is just crocodile tears.They have killed many in the past and in scenarios where they could have saved lives by being negligent and focusing on the shilling more than life.
Show me a crying Kenyan doctor,nurse or a clinical officer and I will show you a hypocrite and a quack.However there is still a good number of them serving as per the oath they took at the onset of their career…God forbid I had to say that.