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A new strain of gonorrhea has recently been found drug-resistant in the United States which is only the first of three STDs that are becoming hard to treat.

The World Health Organization revealed a statement earlier this week that gave treatment information for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. This is in regards to the difficulty that these strains are having being treated by antibiotics.
Gonorrhea is the STD that is causing the most problems because it has the highest resistance to the antibiotics, and there is now worry that the same is going to happen with chlamydia and syphilis because they are becoming increasingly popular. These rates are the highest with young adults from the ages 20 to 24. Syphilis is increasing the most rapidly at 12.1 percent, gonorrhea is a close second at 5.1 percent, and chlamydia is trailing with a 2.5 percent increase. This notes the first increase in STDs the Unite States has witnessed since 2006.

Should You Be Concerned?

STDs are an enormous epidemic that is hidden in the United States and is most common among college-aged women in their early 20s. There are over 800,000 new infections of gonorrhea every year in the United States. However, chlamydia is the most infectious disease in the country.
Previously, gonorrhea was treated effectively with antibiotics which included penicillin. However, now those treatments aren’t working, and there is one antibiotic that is working. Which means that gonorrhea is heading toward becoming an untreatable superbug, but chlamydia and syphilis are still able to be treated with past prescriptions, but at the accelerated rate of infections, they will be heading down the same path as gonorrhea.
How Are Superbugs Spread Through STDs?

The root of the problem lies within the antibiotic treatments themselves. As these bacteria get treated by antibiotics, they begin to develop resistances. The bacteria are actually changing their DNA coding to survive in spite of the treatment.

Whenever a resistant strain occurs, the antibiotics will only actually remove the weaker strains. This treatment kills the weaker strains and unintentionally launches superbugs into the world. Not using antibiotics in their recommended doses also encourages the creation of superbugs. These infections then become hard to treat and expensive. This is exactly what has occurred with gonorrhea.
What Are These New Guidelines?

The world Health Organization sets the standards and norms for the treatment and prevention of STDs. They have released new information for the treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis because of their increasing popularity. The first step in treating any of these STDs is to be prompt. Also, medical professionals need to pay close attention to the cases of these infections that are becoming incurable through traditional treatments.

Are There Alternative Treatments?

There is only one effective treatment of gonorrhea which has become alarming to the medical community. Any research to create new antibiotics takes several years to come to fruition. The biggest tool that the public can use to hinder the gonorrhea superbug is prevention.

What About Untreatable an STD?
Currently, medical professionals are treating gonorrhea through the use of two separate antibiotics, which include oral azithromycin and a shot of ceftriaxone. This treatment is successful, as there have been no failures yet in the United States.

The treatments of syphilis and chlamydia have not changed because they are still effective, and no changes in resistance have been reported in the United States.

STDs are scary, but it isn’t the end of the world. Most of the


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