Team Work Mule Ladies Habari ndio hio

Endeleni kufuga na kulisha wanaume. You deserve all the madharau you get after being so stupid and desperado.


Has your husband ever asked for separation over a small misunderstanding? After five years years zile maneno hua ananiambia akikasirika I have reached I a point sidhani my heart will ever be the same again ata nikiishi na yeye. We have one kid and I’ve decided never to walk away again unless akue violent. Yaani unaoatana na mtu kama Hana kitu akianza kupata pesa anakutusi na kumwambia amegundua he did a mistake I’m totally emotionally drained! Anyone who have gone through the same to encourage me please

Why stay with a person you can’t stand? Some so called problems are not problems at all.