Team Single mothers deserve less, ona results ya masharti yenu to single parents

I can’t even be bothered to cook chapati for a love interest meanwhile people are killing their own kids bcz their partner wants the game to start at 0-0 and see their kids from previous failed relationships as a burden. See how you people push those single parents who want your love to do. And you single mother and father, blood is thicker than water.


Your kids with deadbeat baby daddies will always handicap you when looking for a spouse. They are baggage to everyone else except you. Deal with it. Step-parenting is not anybody’s dream job, especially men.

Its one of those fuck-ups that women make and live with for life. No decent man will weigh himself down with another dude’s kids. Kwa hivyo ukizalia deadbeat just prepare to sweat and raise those kids alone or with some average simp not a self-driven charismatic self-made multi-millionaire.

Every time you try to lock down a winner (assuming you are pretty enough to smash) he will pump and dump you because he didn’t become a winner by being stupid with his time or money.