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The overrated Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge has now come under focus for acting holier than thou, and turning a blind eye to corruption in the Banking sector, overseeing the collapse of Dubai Bank, Imperial Bank and most recently Chase Bank.

The sad state of affairs was confirmed on Monday 6th June 2016 by directors of Imperial Bank, who confessed in Parliament that Central Bank officials were bribed to oversee the grand heist at the bank which goes to show that Patrick Njoroge may not be the angel he pretends to be. Any appointee of Uhuru can’t be clean because the President only liaises with crooks.

On the other hand the Capital Market Authority (CMA) is riddled with incompetence and corruption, as the “acting” CEO Paul Muthaura spends his days in the office watching porn and wanking, like URP Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

As Paul Muthaura watches porn in his office, public companies have engaged in tricks on their shareholders, with directors engaging in matter that contravene Capital Markets Rules.from cyprian nyakundi

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Bruh tumesema mara ngapi stori za nyakundi aren’t worth reading? Haies aminika ata na dawa!


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right where did i say it is true or worth reading .

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vitu za Nyakundi can never be worth reading.


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No risk of STD? It depends on where your hand had been before you started chocking the bishop