Team mafisi team DFHKMBLBH alert

There is a new socialite in town her name is Sandra Kaluki [ATTACH=full]22862[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]22863[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]22864[/ATTACH]

Nitakidnap huyu dame nimDFHKMBLBH for one year hadi nishoke

We’ve already sifted through this garbage. We found her unworthy. Feel free to copy paste our comments to this thread



kijiji kwisa pea yeye REJECTION PASS


Kitu safi sana

Wtf … this hoe is everywhere.


Ati unworthy and you can’t even afford a cheap koinange prostitute

If I had the money to pay a prostitute I would leave that money in the account and let it accrue some interest. Sounds like your life is all about moving from one class of whores to the next.

Kidinyi was here.

Hihihihi… There’s an ass for every seat.