team mafaeces kujeni muone fisi from another mother

Aki I thought Id seen the worst of black folks buh this one here is in a class of its own. WTF??? Wafrica ni kurogwa tulirogwa? I need a race chance operation! Jesus come back.

WTF???The man is HIV Positive…



Africa is doomed. This guy is a pedophile, murderer and a perv.

Huna kazi ya kufanya?


True shithole

Talk about having a death wish? Do these guys have ARVs seeing as most everybody is likely positive if this guy has such a high turnover with the girls who are most sexual active agegroup thereafter. Wheres the gover?

Nimekwama hapo Kwa BUT…

Holy mother of God, come quickly.

Team mafisis = team ma:meffi::meffi:

Brilliant I love it.:D:D


type “:meff i:” and remove the space.
what you see next will shock you.
only for people with original phones

I always say there is no cure for stupidity.

Did you do English Lit in high School? There is a literary device called foreshadowing. That is what the image above depicts.

The idiot anajitetea eti customs has forbidden him from using condoms as if condoms were there when is pedo ancestors were alive. Watu kama hawa ndio wanfaa kumalizwa.

the stupid person is the parents who let their kids go to such a beast. I don’t blame the guy that much but the parents that take their children there. This is sad and i regret watching it