Team Liwe Liwalo

Today I officially and unapologetic-ally join team liwe liwalo. I have been measured when I talk about the guy Ruto but today I officially join the train with the guys like @sani @Motokubwa. The government has trained its guns and resources just to fight one person William Ruto. Even Raila was brought into the system to do so, just to fight one person. Cartels such as Murathe, Atwoli Kamanda are the one on the front line fighting William Ruto. I know the characters of this guy, If Ruto is a bad guy here then these guys are certainly the worst of all. 2022 will be a choice between being enslaved by dynasties such Uhuru, Raila and Gideon Moi family or having a new start with a person from a common background. I mean Ruto might not be the best person but certainly he is the stepping stone to a better future. The alternative will be to be enslaved by dynasties. Don’t tell me about the likes of Kibwana and Ekuru, those guys wont get any vote and they don’t have any courage to take the mighty. So whacha kila mtu achukue msimamo wake polepole. We will walk this race together hata kama we will end up in opposition, but at least a decision we have made which we will live to remember.

Hata kimwarer ghaseer akiingia atakua na cartel yake ya akina murkomeno to do his dirty work. Pan tambua mitoto ya saitani. We want a revolution.

swafiii,karibu team Liwe liwalo

some chieth tulia bana

Pia wewe ni ghaseer ya mtu kama kimwarer


@Motokubwa rafiki mkuu habari yako

Hapana tambua mwizi wa Mali ya umma. Ruto na hio umbwa ya Ngina deserves to be hanged for theft of public property.

first things ,first ,I am not you friend ,never was,not now and never Will, shaitan msalabani

Niaje chokosh…bado Una uzia watu nyama za gumboots.

What is certain with all those characters, maisha itakuwa tu the same or worse

ndūkīganwo wagacoirī

wechez,I am above that

Wechez ni Nani…

@langatkipro you’ve always been a Ruto sycophant. But kudos for attempting to be objective, I know it wasn’t easy :D:D:D:D

Hii ni kali, ruto si msafi. But definitely better than uhuru and raila. When you talk of dynasties know hata ruto just needs five years in power and he will become a dynasty. Uhuru is not angry with him for nothing. But his way of dealing with ruto is even worse

You should have a wee bit of respect for us WSR supporters. So are you telling us today is the day you decided to support him? meanwhile you have been posting here each day purporting to be his supporter? pls pata msimamo na ushikilie…pls…

Konyagi na RAT waende nyumbani

Mbwa heshima kwa @Some Say ghasia

Malaya tombwa maskio