Team kuchukulia wanaume loans na kuwalipia fees

From the daily stories I read and hear about, if a man is even looking like he’s about to ask me for a sweet I start getting sick. It’s like I have seen the devil in the flesh.

Ladies you can’t marry a man, you can’t provide for a man, you can’t educate a man unless he’s your son, you can’t buy love by taking him a loan or moving him into your house or moving him to America. If you want to be unhappy and confused try that because someone who is in need of help will not reject your misguided efforts to help. Furthermore a man knows that you can not kill him, like how men kill women who betray them after using them to educate them and build them. Hii dunia hakuna kitu cha free, men understand that more than women that is why if you eat the chips and quarter chicken not even 300bob he will throw you out of a 12th floor window. I don’t know why this concept is so hard for women.

There you are a single mother and paying loans for a man after educating him. If you ask these women to tell you sincerely if roles were reversed if they believe that if roles were reversed and the man was in the place of the women, the man will do the same for them. They tell you that they are sure he wouldn’t. So what that means is that you love the man more than you love yourself. Otherwise why do you do something you know he wouldn’t do for you in return? Benjamin Zulu, Apostle Takim and many men have warned women against providing for men. If you can’t listen to me. Atleast listen to the men of God and the Bible which clearly states that any man even if he’s a pastor must provide and if he does not he’s worse than an infidel and has forsaken the faith.

The only thing that a woman can give a man free is poison. If even a packet of chips he can’t give you free what is wrong with you to house a man, feed him, have sex with him, educate him, take loans for him, buy him a car and pay for dowry, the wedding and dates. Anyway I’m tired of this topic coz women the way I have seen them even if Jesus Himself tells you not to do something, you will still do it. Don’t you even feel abnormal giving a man your money? Let alone take a loan. This thing is a demonic spirit bcz I don’t know any other reason you a woman can take a loan out for a man. Ladies let’s stop this desperation please please . Marriage and love is from God, you can’t buy it with loans. Mungu akipenda atakupea mtu anakupenda who can provide for the family, not mtu wakukwambia umchukulie loans. Low self esteem and desperation is a demonic spirit. Kemea. God’s love is enough. Don’t go to the devil’s territory looking for love. The devil comes to Steal, kill and destroy. If the Bible tells you that a man doesn’t provide is worse than a devil worshipper, what are you doing with them. Leave them alone.


When I told him that I was pregnant, he told me that that bby would be a bastard for the rest of it’s life. We kinda reconciled but he has never supported me neither the kid. 2months ago I requested him to buy her a bby walker but instead he blueticked me till this day. This is a man I stood with during his dark days… This is a man I am servicing a loan for. This is a man I paid school fees for(he’s a postgraduate student) and always came through for…How do I forget him considering that I have his bby? How will I accept the betrayal and move on? Mums, give me those tips I am hurting

na niulize, where do we get such women…we seem to be bumping into parasitic twats

Ask @Purple to hook you up. I am sure she has a fren or twelve who fit the bill.

then again, i am the traditional man who tends to take the lead…i get stuck, i seek help elsewhere


For every one man who was paid school fees for, 5 women were treated to the same.