Team Kenya is Tainted

Any other achievement will be tainted by this Omera


Some of the are innocent. They take substances not knowing they are banned by WADA.

It had to be a Otieno, arudi kenya afanye washwash awachane na wakale wakimbie

Fuuuckk you. Anything you take to enhance your performance should automatically be banned and disqualify you. It’s wrong and dishonest to use a substance because it’s not currently on the updated list. Kama huna mbio huna. Kaa na mama yako

What are you saying?
You just repeating yourself.
Kaa na babako.

Kumbe ni steroids… the bagga.

Omurwa was in the same boat…

Some the things banned are easily found on off the counter drugs , my suspicion is this chap wasn’t advised properly on what to avoid , a simple cough syrup will get you ejected hata veve ulichane 1 month ago ,skin creams, even supplements are sometimes tainted because the same manufacture used the same equipment to mix a different batch of drugs as for the Nigerian lady drugs used to stop period pains can easily get you disqualified !
We need exeprts advsing athelets on all the things to avoid , ata usikae na wavuta bangi hio secondary smoke ni noma !


kaeni na nyanya zenu ghassia:D

I’m inclined to support your claim, why would anyone get this far and still make such blunders

He’s a cheating lying skunk using steroids

You are not serious. Do you know the diet of such an athlete? The guy will eat 3 ndizi for breakfast, a small ugali and veges for lunch, potatoes and beans for dinner. 30 days straight. Sasa unaanza mambo ya supplements tena? They watch their diet like nobody’s business.

Pro athletes have proper dieticians and team doctors who watch everything they eat and put into their body ! this boy didn’t even have shoes for sprints ! as for supplements yes athletes use supplements nothing wrong with that , pale Hilton was always meeting with the Kenya rugby team wakitoka ile shop ya weider ! UFC has had cases of athletes being banned from using tainted supplements ! All this products come from China and if you get a company that was using a tainted butch ur basically fucked !

Because it’s random testing. Spot testing hufanywa at random intervals. In normal instances, huwa unadanganywa ati ukishafanya the officil test uko chonjo. So they try to sneak in something knowing there is a 505/50 chance they will not get caught. The IOC has no money to test the thousands of attendees, so watu hujificha hivyo. Doping is very common, that’s why if they catch you in a random sampling hawasamehei. Now the entire team kenya will be under a amicroscope. Wanaeza kuja ata saa nane usiku wakwambi kojoa!! it’s vet unlikely that it is from some cough syrup or medication. The standard IoC manual and Atheletics kenya hold seminars all the time adviing athletes not to take ocugh syrup. Huyu alicheat kimaksudi

fake misuli tikinya bandia


He is a professional athlete at the top end; naivety is no excuse.
Athletes know that if they get a cold ,antibiotics is the only medicine to be taken.

bullshit excuse. the fool just took illegal stuff. Tokyo si kenya ati unazunguka kwa streets ukikula mitura. infact the olympic village is locked down.

They’re planning a Mock Olympic at Kisumu Stadium Where he will compete against himuselefu and receive a gold metal from Ikolomani

Hizi tests huwa na false positives and false negatives, anyway I saw they’re waiting for results of sample B. Like the PCR tests

Acheni bangi buana. This is the IOC not chebukatis haibisii. Hakuna kura za thataka nithi. The IOC is run by professionals sourced from creme de la creme in all fields. Saa hii najua goons zinajaribu vyenye zitaspin hii story. That asshole has embarrassed us at the international stage. Everyone else competing under our flag will have their victory sullied. It will reduce sponsorship opportunities for our athletes not to mention shaming pur proud standing at the Olympics.