Team Hessy, apan tambua wezi

So cool…

reminds me of the story of Patrick Shaw (though he was before my time)

tunahitaji Hessy wa KTalk amalize kina @snapdragon


if this is the only way our nation can be safe, so be it

Uliza @pamba blue boys share reports and the intel comes in form of telegram

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Sande omwami,lalini umekosea

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Just like the safari and saharas in late 90’s and early 00’s. And a puffer jacket, ukipitana na sanse hakuwa anakuacha.

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More like a digital community policing kind of thing.

the mystical Hessy


The Hessy mystery keeps deepening. Sasa kuna ata Hessy wa Mathare.

this may foment a witch hunt.

Huyu ni bonoko

Hebu mwambie amejaribu lakini amenoa

Brathe, iko link usambaze?

Somebody said Hessy=SC=Special Crimes Prevention Unit=CID=Flying Squad, probably=Kwekwe Squad=Rhino Squad.
One thing am sure of: cops will never own up to the existence of these squads.
Plus anything is possible in this social media era.

Who cares wheather Hessy is Real Cop or Not … we see the RESULTS and they are REAL. …the bottomline is the criminals are getting their taste of medicine…This Kenya society its man eat man world…the criminals have no mercy on poor citizens…such cops are seen as Heros not Villians …

These hardened criminals cannot understand any other language only the COPPER

Mpaka Safcom wanatambua Hessy.