Team Hessy, apan tambua wezi

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cool illustrations… ni kazi yako?


Talent right there.

This is actually a pretty good idea for a graphic novel.

@pamba is hessy a real cop?

Good graphics

Ongea na DC comics through the time Warner company uone vile a comic kanaweza bud

I love it!
Glorifying law enforcement is the way to go!

I think it’s a team coz kuna hessy wa kayole, dandora, huruma and other areas. Sidhani mtu mmoja anaeza cover hizo area zote. Halafu the way he posts ni kama mtu huinteract na hutu tujambazi. Ni kama hao Hessy wote hu-collect intel alafu wanapea huyo wa ku-post kwa social media.

Mlisema hizi viatu ukivaa ndio Hessy wa Dandora, Kayole na Eastlando anakushow “utajua haujui” ? Sinunui hizi ata unipe free sichukui.

i agree.

:D:D:D I think hii ni part of the starter pack ya kuwa kwa copper list

The fiatu have a warning label, i think the label intends to let the ‘‘wearer’’ know that there is associated risk.

wapi @introvert aone mwenzake…great stuff

Very nice, agreed.
Abounding talent there.

Hesy akikumulika wewe kwisha

Kuna Group ilikuwa inaitwa “Dandora love people” na hapo ndipo the first parody account emerged kuwarn wezi wa Dandora…sasa kila mtaa ina Hesy wake. @pamba pia mimi nataka jibu


he’s nt a cop; smbdy who grew up in D, he knows a lot about the place…who does what… he must have been a criminal at some point before awache or most likely anajua most of the criminals since they grew up together…
He started off kuwaanika at Dandora love people, a group in facebook. The first guy alianika/alipatiana kwa hio group was killed by police within 48hrs…It seems there are police elements in the group who operate in dandora and have some rough idea on who these guys/criminals are.Hessy helps to profile them since anawajua, their associates, street names, where they operate and even where they live, The police narrow down on them and within a few days they are dead. Since ni Jamaa wa mtaa, he easily gets the pictures n posts them on the said group…

after the first incident, where he identified some guys na wakauliwa. The thing took a life of its own na akaanza kuanika wezi wote anajua…The cops seemed to be following up most leads n most of the criminals were soon dead, pictures to prove this soon followed. Most of these pictures were posted by Hessy, but some zilipostiwa na watu wa D who came across the shooting scenes…,
soon after, hessy opened his own facebook group: copy cats then came up, kina Hessy wa kayole and the likes some of who actually have real info regarding criminals in their areas…
there are other characters such as some girl who goes by the name of ‘‘blackest widow’’ that also have real info regarding these criminals and usually help hessy wa dandora kupatiana hawa watu kwa polisi…