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Official migration from SafariCon data extortion completed.

Faiba4G loading…

What’s the battery rating of the ZTE Mifi?

Hapo sawa.

model number ya hiyo mifi

This looks different from the other one…je bei ni ie ile?

If they can sustain this safaricom is in shit. Mimi nilihama kitambo.

2100 mah if am not wrong

The Mango one is 2500 mAH. That’s a downgrade. Screenshots of the interface?

Bei ni 5400 where i bought hapo nje ya Vedic house mama ngina street.

Thanks to @Baby Daddy

Mimi walinipea some unkown model… Well we movin but the speeds are iish issh where i am.

Kama charger ni chafu hivyo, je mwili?


Bought at naivas. Hapo ronald ngala street but the bastards are selling at 5,500/=

Hiyo 100 extra shouldn’t make you fret. I really wanted to know the connectivity speeds of where you are located.

Hehehe i was expecting that question. Asande omwami

Clocking at 270KBp/s on downloads… Ruaraka area

hizi ni speeds za airtel unliminet modem bundles ikiisha ama faiba:D:D:D

My frens, you want the location/store ama connectivity ? Kenyans! SMH. Kwangu mdhi akiingia na mwambia WiFi iko ata akitaka kubeba Mbugua hawes aibisha.

How do i take them?