Team Desperado/build a brokeass Habari ndio hii

@Purple what can you advise this women as the leader of your cult. Oh. I forgot in your cult women don’t lead but as a staunch follower.


A man who has specialized in defrauding single vulnerable women who are on their way to retirement was yesterday arrested by detectives.

Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga, targets lonely women who are about to receive their pension before showering them with sweet nothings and promises of a blissful retirement together.

After being swept off their feet, the lovestruck women are duped into starting businesses with the con who then disappears with their entire savings leaving them heartbroken and desolate.

In one such instance, a woman who had just received Sh780,050 from a pension scheme was swindled the entire amount by the con. This is after she was tricked into a love affair with the man, who later advised her that they should jointly start a water refilling business.

Oblivious of his intentions, the woman gave him the money to start it and that marked the beginning of her woes. What started as a blossoming love story and a joint retirement venture ended in premium tears. The relationship immediately crumbled like a house of cards after the man disappeared with entire amount. Efforts by the woman to reach her newfound love hit a dead end after his phone went off and her messages were left unanswered.

Later the woman managed to track and confront the man but he claimed that the business had been taken over by an insurance company, for failing to pay an unspecified debt.

The suspect is currently in custody and will be arraigned in court on charges of obtaining money by false pretenses.

Further, detectives are calling upon any other victims who may have fallen to the suspect’s trap to report the matter at DCI HQs Serious Crime Unit for action.

Sweet nothings

Mimi nikiona tuu dalili unataka kuniomba hata chumvi and you are a man. I rather break a leg, jumping out through the window kukuhepa. Hata tuu chewing gum mimi nipe mwanaume, siwesmeki. Afadhali nitupe. Wamama please acheni hizi tabia za kuabudu wanaume this needs to end. Mungu ile siku nitashikwa na hii pepo ya build a broke man afadhali unichukue, my use on earth imeisha. Aki how? Nitoe pesa yangu ati business ati sijui lover boy? Na unaenda retirement? That devil is a liar.

If men should also embrace similar mentality, a lot of women shall suffer

They’re already suffering.


Those were old lonely women who were being scammed. You are headed there in the next few years also if you don’t find a deek to service your bitter ass soon

No wonder you are single. Utatoa wapi mwanume kama sio wewe utamjenga

Nimekua free Mason nijenge wanaume? Unitombe, Karibu nife nikikuzalia, ninyonyeshe watoto wako, nikupikie, nikulee watoto, halafu nikujenge? That devil is a liar and God ukiona nimeingiwa na hii pepo ya utumwa niite coz wakati wangu duniani umeisha. I’d rather be single. I’d rather adopt. I’d rather die even. I was not born a slave and I will never be a slave to anyone other than Jesus.

But if it’s your husband, it’s in the family. So hakuna shida juu pesa iko tu kwa familia

But that’s exactly what your mom did to your dad, and if it coukd have ended differently, you wouldn’t be here. The way you are also talking about mikuzalie simply means that you don’t regard your babt

What goes around comes around. May be that woman who was scammed, there is a time alicheza rough game and got away with it. Usiionee mtu huruma kwa sababu ya hapa hulipishwa hapa hapa tu duniani. Ni hayo tu.

Family gani. Si ni family yake? If he decides to dump me and marry another woman naende mpaka na watoto, family itakua yangu that time. Family ni yako. Mwanamke ni kama kijakasi halipwi ama mtu wa mkono. Siku unaboeka na yeye unamwabia arudi kwao na urudishiwe dowry yako. It’s like house help anakufanyia job free of charge then a natumia pesa zake kununua vitu in your house, yet anytime you can ask her to leave, hio si ni wazimu. Imagine that is how much the patriarchy has brainwashed women , you are going to become an unpaid domestic and sex slave na unaona ni ka mtu anakufanyia favor kukuoa. You can not invest in another person’s family even 90%,already kuzaa na kulea is enough contribution you should not add even a drop on top. Save for yourself and for your kids bcz things change. You can find yourself out at any minute.

Wueh, you really need to find peace and avoid paranoia. Men are not out to enslave you. It’s your responsibility to build a good home.

Proverbs 14:1 – “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.”

Don’t bring my parents to this and do not insult my father by saying that he was relying on a woman to build him. If you you are used to men who are not self made but woman made that is you, don’t project your inadequacy as a man to my father. My father is not the type. Where do you think I got my standards from? If I saw my mother build him I’d be in team work mule like mama nyaguthie.

Don’t twist my words. What I mean is your mom performed her wifely duties and your father did his, hence how they managed to raise you, a phenomenon that you do not want to agree to and are so much against.

What is the man’s responsibility? If it’s me who is supposed to build houses. Kazi yake ni gani?

How is not enslavement when I have to be the one doing everything in the marriage, I carry pregnancy, I go through near death experience of giving birth, I breastfeed, take care of the baby, wake up to be with the crying baby, I cook, clean, attend PTA meetings, take kids to hospital, on top of that give you sex on demand, meanwhile your only job which is to provide you can’t do it and now you want the woman’s help financially to build as if you are a bridge or a house. Kama hii si utumwa kama ile ya Saudi ama Kinta Kunte I don’t know what is.

And please don’t quote scripture out context for me. I know the Bible more than you. Do you know that the Bible says any man who does not provide for his family is worse than a pagan? As in a moslem who provides has a better standing b4 God than a pastor who does not. Soma Biblia vizuri not just using Bible for your confirmation bias.

1 Timothy 5:8

If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Wifely duties don’t include financial providence and that is what you mean, she must also provide for the family like the man does.

Part of building your house is picking the right partner. You have nothing but time to pick assess and make the right choice. Ringa tu, the end is near.

Isaiah 4:1 “And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach so we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

[SIZE=5]Breaking Down the Key Parts of Proverbs 14:1[/SIZE]
#1 “The wise woman…”
Wisdom for women is the same as that for men. Fear of the Lord is its beginning (Pr 9:10). Love for the Bible and the truth, and love for God will create a wise heart. Wisdom is made complete by wise action.
#2 “builds her house,”
The purpose of the wisdom that God gives is for us to fulfill what he’s called us to do. Far too few women see the value in building their house. This is perhaps the first way foolishness affects the family. The woman has listened to the culture telling her what will give her her value. The Bible does not forbid a woman to work outside the home, but there is nowhere in Scripture that would indicate her primary responsibility to be anything other than to be a “keeper of her home.”
#3 “but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”
Again, Fathers bear great responsibility, but this verse is directed toward the wife and mother. If you see a household “torn down,” you can expect to see a foolish woman behind it with dirty hands. Some ways that foolishness can manifest: disobedience to husbands, selfishness toward children, modeling ungodliness, loving the world, living for the praise of man, and not God, lack of discipline, and an inability to control her anger.