Team building Naivasha


Hii nayo

It must have been an “Adam & Eve” theme …:D:D

As a true African man hii kwangu ni nonsense, this is too much nonsense, whoever introduced this shit is very stupid

Niitie ule jamaa wa kupiga magoti priss …

hii hapana team building
unless munafanya kazi pornhub mutakkaaje kwa ofisi monday?

ni wasee flani tu wanajuana wameenda outing


Copying Western Sh!t except Technology

@cortedivoire unaitwa

This office trips is just like releasing caged animals to the wild for a day or two. Office career setup is almost like indoctrinated camps. Some folks were not meant for 8-5pm work in that same spot for years. That’s why the go wild in this trips.

That said what happens in Naivasha, stays in Naivasha. I’m already there escaping the freeze in Nairobi.


Unapandisha nyege na hizo games, jioni unamarinate na pombe ya kampuni, usiku unakula vitu, monday mpatane kwa ofisi and pretend nothing happened.

Upuss …Which company is this

Corporate silliness. People need to grow up

Nonsense! that should be couples retreat and not team building chieth

Isnt that in south Africa?