Teaching your children ABCs is now part of the gae agenda


Hizi Gays will have a country of their own, and the rest of humanity will live in their own country. Then we will see.


homosexuals @imei2012 @T.Vercetti KIKI ni nini?


White people problem @T.Vercetti is probably creaming mavi over this…

The devil is a liar.

This devilcrat liberals will make amurika to be the laughing stock. Next war America will go will not win hizi sissies men watakanyagwa kama mbwa.

A bit unusual, but I see nothing wrong with teaching young ones not to be closed-minded.

What is dismaying is this shouting boy being indoctrinated to judge others:

H is for hope…really @T.Vercetti ?:D:D:D:D

Gays should be shot on sight

Dream on

I was expecting
A is for Anal.
B is for Butt plugs.
C is for Cuffs.
D is for Domination.
Oh wait…these are my ABCD’s.

You’re on a different level :D:D