Teachers in states

Guys teachers are fucked up lot in states…imagine some even doing three jobs to just stay float and manage expenses not even saving…someni hii link SMH

sasa tuwafungulie paybill?

Na watu wanastruggle kupata green card

Why are you guys so concerned about problems in the United States?

But this is probably the bottom-end of the teachers who earn isnt it? Just like here in kenya, we have teachers in private schools that make good money (especially these international schools) while those in government schools barely get by

teaching and nursing are only good jobs for single people with no families in the U.S. However, if you throw in a family, stay at home spouse, decent neighborhood/house, baby sitter. If you have a stay at home spouse you may not need a baby sitter. But it is also an extra burden on you. Its a hustle and you need to work extra jobs to barely make it. Even a career at McDonalds can give you a comfortable life if you are single and staying in some small apartment and not decent neighborhood.

Coz some relas are struggling over there and the cash flow has reduced to a trickle

Si just the other day @Purple was regaling us with tales of how teachers in the US earn a median income of about 60K USD kama programmers at the likes :D:D

She lamented uncontrollably why you ferkers Liked a comment of most Kenyan businesspeople making a whopping 500k PM :D:D

60k a year is not a lot of money in the USA. It will give you enough to live but very little for anything else.

They are struggling to understand why unashinda ukiwaitisha pesa as if wanaziokota Kwa pavement.
Nobody in this whole wide world earns enough money to afford to give it away to some ungrateful lazy bums who just keep asking for more!

If you are a teacher just go to southern Africa… Good money…And now that they are introducing kiswahili it makes it easier for kenyan and Tanzanians…You get a scarce skills permit mbio sana

Sawa Ktalk ambassador to Newzealand.

This is the reality in some states. The other day, a certain lady was trying to paint how perfect life is in the US. She went on to quote some insane salary figures. People fell for it. The lower middle class and the poor are having it hard even with two jobs.


Teaching Swahili in SA schools a major triumph
It’s in all major publications here and abroad.
Lowest paid primary teachers earn around 80k shillings
https://www.indeed.co.za/salaries/Teacher-Salaries .
I have teacher friends and those guys are living large…But social workers ndio hukula vizuri sana.

Oklahoma is a redneck state full of hicks who believe education is evil. :smiley: Consistent with this view, is their refusal to fund public education. Like I said in the thread which you’re now quoting me, the state where you live matters a lot! In Connecticut, the average teacher earns $78k per year.

This! Kila siku USA this, USA that. As far as I’m concerned people here should be comparing Kenya vs Congo, KE vs Sudan, KE vs Uganda and the like. You know countries of similar socio economic status. Mukijaribu saaana maybe you can talk of KE vs Malaysia. Keeping your lanes …sawa? :smiley:

Well in:D:D:D:D:D

An underpaid teacher in the US has better access to quality healthcare, security and opportunities than most “rich” Kenyans. Guys want to shit on blue collar workers in the West because they think life is just about take home income. Where you make your money matters as well.