TCL tv ni moto

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Mwaf pia ametoa kitambi kwa chest plus ako na man boobs… guys in their 30s are getting Dad bodz like its the in thing.

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Mwaf yuko 42 or there abouts

My elder bro is 46 and is well toned. you would pass him for a 34 year old. as you grow older you got to start watching what you eat, develop a workout regime, sleep 8 hours and reduce stress.


kweli elder.was just clarifying his age,i wasnt saying that its ok for him to have that physique because he is 42.

Iko down Samsung ndio

Adapters za Bandit zimefika #starlink testing coming…

Afande nionyeshe thong ya bibi ya governor

Tcl tvs are tempting but I’ve seen them being slandered elsewhere for poor longevity… Apparently they can die anytime

These android tvs have a lifetime afadhali ubuy dumb tv uconnect a streaming device like the chromecast. Plus it costs less.

Are new dumb tvs still being sold in the market?

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Ukinyonga na TCL nikama Dem wa ukweli