Anybody who has an experience with the said TV? Am trying to look up its review on the thenet and there’s not any proper review

TCL go for it they good TV’s beshte yangu ako na ingine amemaliza nayo miaka nne sasa

Here your hesitation is unfounded. You can’t go wrong with TCL. And about this… It’s a relatively new product to me. It’s high end and premium. Perhaps it is not targeted for our market as it is. If you are able, just grab it like yesterday!!! If you are able, grab like 3 kwa pamoja!

Chukua ile tcl iko na Harman kardon sound… Heavenly!

Nataka chukua 55inch ya android,45k…nichukue ama niwache?

I already grabbed it, I had issues connecting it to the sound system through bluetooth, and it’s not a high end premium it only costs 40k but has some very,very, very solid features. Actually let’s just say uts an high end a 4K UHD HDR screen that’s absolutely high end premium

C6, no matter what the sound of the HK cant equal an average home theater sound system.


Then you are the one in a perfect position right now to give us the FULL user review. Am also thinking of getting the exact model though nashangaa mbona yako uliuziwa that expe na TCL kenya wanauza around 35k :oops::oops:

Acha nitaichokora sijaget time fiti ya kuikagua. Niliget from elsewhere where I trust the quality and everything

Elsewhere is none other than @syndicate, if you must know. Tangu ile story ya Xiaomi sijatrust Kenyan dealers but nimelook up TLC and they are the official dealers, but Syndicate pia ni official dealer.

Kweli kabisa. There is only one accredited and verified village merchant and that is @syndicate

That model and its counterpart P8S are targeted at the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Australia. Check Australian websites for reviews. On youtube, p8s has more reviews than P8M.