today we kick off our journey down memory lane with bambam riddim, hii ngoma was very easy to sing along and the rythym was wagwag


@wildfrank enjoy the beat rasta

we used to say girls farts smelt like Rexona

Pink handles can you tell us why this product was discontinued.

way way back before the paperbag craze hit us the shopping basket used to be like this

how do you call this in your language?
[SIZE=3]kuna mtu hapa anasema eti ni kukumanga, is it true?[/SIZE]

Who remembers this?

Peter Magana and his father Jomo waiting for their official Limo,Achieng Oneko standing behind Kenyatta
For 1000 likes, Mama ya Peter Magana anaitwa nani? dont gugu!

I learn as much from tbt as you, here is a gem ive got today.

Jomo Kenyatta in the film Sanders of the River where he plays the role of a dancing junior tribal chief
didnt know an had no idea that Jomo acted in a film.
@Da Vinci hebu leta story yote hapa, naukipata download ya movie pia utupatie

Peter Carvalho (left) and Pio Gama Pinto demonstrating with other Kenyans against the controversial visit to Kenya by the Portuguese Vice Premier Pedro Teotinio Pereira. The photo below was taken at the Nairobi Goan Institute where Pereira and his wife were arriving for a special welcome by institute members October 27,1960
this reminds me of a very popular activist.
sijataja mtu

Tony Lopes, Pio Gama Pinto, Jomo Kenyatta and Peter Carvalho. This photo was taken at Maralal detention centre one day before Kenyatta was released in 1961.

Guess the Year or Circa.
Paramount Chief Kinyanjui (seated in the middle of the group,wearing a checked blanket ),Paramount Chief Koinange Wa Mbiyu (seated on Kinyanjui’s left with a jacket and a walking stick over one shoulder) and Paramount Chief Josiah Njonjo (sitting on the ground infront and to the right of Kinyanjui with his felt hat beside him ).Can you name their descendants?Makers of The Nation?
Members,would it be appropriate to call them Colonial Collaborators or rather Home Guards?

@gashwin na @Supu don
C 1974

kama uko na hii kitabu naomba unisaidie?

I can see gunia wiki hii at 5:30pm, cc @introvert
the theme song for this program was very captivating.

before we became epl mad

Parliament Buildings moments after Moi named Nyiva Mwendwa as The First Woman Cabinet Minister.Biwott,Kamotho ,Ndolo Ayah among others share a light moment with Nyiva as is Nyeri Town MP Isaiah Mathenge towering behind Nyiva…
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…or ndawa ya ithanduku:slight_smile:

…Wild Rose. This was a time when it was acceptable for men to watch soaps. Wild Rose, No one but you, the rich also cry…

KICOMI,RIVATEX…industries sadly run down by our venerable tumbocrats…
I remember RIVATEX advert… hakikisha umeona stamp ya rivatex…na macho eeh…

Mama peter aka Edna Clarke