Kelly Brown.
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Born Abdulkadir Mohammed Ali Bux in Mombasa in 1954, Kelly Brown was one of the best known foreign-based Kenyan musicians, especially in Stuttgart Germany, where he settled in the 1970s. He was best known for his song, Higher, which became an international hit. Kelly Brown started his music career in Mombasa in the 1970s, performing for tourists, where he gained a reputation as an agile stage performer.

He later moved to Nairobi to gain a wider audience, where he performed at Bonanza night club, Club 1900, Starlight, and Central Night Club. Known for his trade mark Afro hairstyle, the ambitious Kelly travelled to Germany using savings from his performances with the intention of sharpening his skills and gaining international exposure.

While in Germany, Kelly adopted a stage name, “Brown”, in honour of the musician he admired most in the world, James Brown. Initially, Kelly joined a band known as Trans European Express, before going solo.
He went on to record and perform at various clubs around Europe.
But to maintain his link with his Kenyan heritage, Kelly recorded songs as Asante ya Punda and Kenya Nchi Yetu.

But it is Higher that gave Kelly international acclaim.

Despite performing and living abroad, Kelly never forgot his African roots and always tried to represent the good image of Kenya in Europe.

In 1989, after he went missing for six weeks, his dismembered and decomposing body was found in his apartment in Stuttgart. The death of Kelly, who was then 35, has never been solved.




I have his vinyl disc album Higher though I have never listened to it since I do not own a record player.
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I also have one for Kool and the Gang and A Beatles double disc Live in At the Hollywood Bowl album.


That was good music

his version of jambo bwana is a classic.
Thanks for this

He was engaged in affairs with under age German girls one of whose relatives most probably conspired to have him eliminated. Hear that @Jirani ?

Then nimeona slim ali