Si uchawi, ni maombi


Haki I happened to have been in Kiambu mashinani for most of early 2022…the UDA fever was palpable my friend. Common sense was out of the window too. That is why we have Wamuratha as our Women Rep.:mad:

looks like your grandmother

Still better than null and void bros who were rudderless

Hasora alitupa mbao kabisa



All my Grandmothers are long deceased.

Mimi navuna soon sikai chini ya mnazi wala singoji madafu yaanguke kama @Electronics4u my wheel barrow iko full :smiley:

Najituma bwana

Hassler waokote ipasavyo Hadi wamee akili.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I told you elders .my posts during the election period I told you the lesser evil was mganga Rao. He was the only hope of a sound economy

Common sense was far from the window like Chelsea and league title. My bro an Azimioist had to left a cousins’ whatsapp group.

Now why did you have to bring up my beloved Blues??:mad:? why for? On another note, naingia Rwaka next month. Unasema aje about kukupeleka mugithi? Let’s be serious for once…

My sista is a Jakuonist too…she spends her days regaling me with whatsup messages of WSR’s failures…kikikikiki…

Mugithi?. Yipeeee! My mumama wa Harrier never fails me. Ata naenda mtumba kubuy a new set of Jordans.

Yep, Mugithi. Waithaka wa Jane is coming to the UK sometime this year so skip that one. Tugathiee wa Machete the King ama Gathee wa Njeri. Hata usinunue hizo Jordans…inbox Mumama your shoe size…:cool:

Hallelujah! Na Fatxo, Ngírugírwo túmongo, ngíriganírwo ní mítungo. And Kamoko

Fatxo maybe innocent but he needs to expose his bro and kaz na awache pombe…had he been sober the story would be so different. I don’t know if he can recover his brand so quickly…

Forget about the ndurama as I swirl you on the dance floor to,“íí maya eee íí maya matumbí maya mamboiro”

Ooooo I can already see us…‘maya matumbi maya matumbi maya matumbi maya matumbi…’:cool: