#TBT when NTV & KTN were lit

Kulikua pia na full house and some other comedy ya a geek that used to transform and be a cool dude sometimes, jamie foxx pia kulikua na show yake apo KTN, also the wayans brothers

Family matters yo :smiley: kwani ulikua unaskip intro unaenda kunyora?

:D:D:D mazee nimechapa

The CW is where they got the series from.

Well, I can’t remember which years but there was this TV Program,[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Home and Away that always made me forget my evening chores

Kabla chieth ya kumkum baya

Sinbad on sunday iliweza saidi

that’s one helluva niche

Mizizi heat Kbc

OJ Simpson on Sunday afternoon

The year is almost over. Bado sijaona comprehensive booklist yako.

Hahahaha. You aptly nailed it.

Kwanza NTV/ KTN hapo early to mid 2000s walikua na some ngori series akina Smallville, Boston public, John Doe, CSI, Malcolm in the middle, Sister Sister, etc. Not to mention the comedies after news za 7pm na the music shows. Meen everything was just nicer then

I was always glued to the TV sijui what happened to all the cool programming siku hizi can’t stand local channels

i don’t do the geek shit no more, I’m busy making money… and riding bicycles

Eh really? In a few short months you’re too cool for literature huh? Likely story.

i was a sci fi head, and not even that can take me off the joy of mountain biking. shit, I’m already nursing injuries but it’s only the beginning

I’ll return to lit in my heydays for sure

The advent of affordable internet and electronics in early 2000s was the beginning of the end for interesting TV networks in Kenya.

DVDs were more affordable and one could now watch their favourite shows and movies when they wanted and as they wanted.

And it’s been for the best.

this brought forth the advent of street mix masters. selling CD mixes by the dozens, others went on to be household names