#TBT when NTV & KTN were lit


Nakumbuka on Friday nights KTN was superlit, siku za robin hoon, renegade…and there was this martial arts series sikumbuki jina

Everyone hates Chris…

Late 90s-mid 2000s local TV was good. The movies and series were fairly recent and there was no bullshit censorship. Everything changed after 07/08. It’s like the media decided to play it safe and apparently that included entertainment. Slowly the good content was replaced with generic Filipino/muhindi soaps, Afrosinema, wedding shows, B movies from 20 years ago, stupid marriage segments moderated by Swahili women and all that mediocre crap that only housemaids find entertaining. Luckily the internet has replaced TV.

Kung Fu the legend continues by the legend himuselefu the late David Carradine

What happened was Assistant Minister Tuju from the Communications docket demanded increase in African content and reduction of Western content.

Thanks bro! That show was really dope

Pia ilikuwa na bad memories like bold beautiful, days of our lives, knots landing, rich cry, young restless, friends…remote kupotea. Nani aliwatch farscape?

Although pia kuna time there woz anaza one Friday nyt karate pia called ‘Martial Law’ ya samo hung or sth like that… Usisahau Charmed vyenye ilitisha ndo unangoja after 9pm nyus uone that comedy ‘Allo allo’ ikupee laughs so you can sleep easy usiku usahau vitisho:D

Hii kipindi nakumbuka tu intro yake like some helicopter flying over the ocean then it comes onshore over some rocky cliff :smiley: zaidi ya hapo kipindi never made sense to a child

Ktn 5pm music.
Rapem.- hip hop, rap
Jamadelic.- slow jams
Rastrut.- yes rast
Kasskass - lingala
Rythmic -Rnb

KTN was the most affected by that Tuju directive because it had the most western content. Citizen soon became number 1 with new Kenyan TV shows like Papa Shirandula, Tahidi high, Inspector Mwala and a shitload of CHEAP naija films.

But naija films are not “local” Kenyan content.

The minister was right in most respects but his approach was absolutely wrong and did not yield the desired results of a thriving, robust Kenyan film industry.

Hollywood is also undergoing a cultural shift where the majority white faces are being reduced or removed to match modern cultural trends.

Being politically correct has also become more important than entertainment quality.

Today you cannot make a Rambo film about killing cops because cops will not be happy…

You cannot make a Rambo film where he attacks Chinese or Vietnamese because that is racist…

You cannot show black people as criminals because that is now a taboo topic!

The only choice Hollywood is left with is to tell stories set in fantastic universes e.g Game of thrones where there are no races or colours. And everyone is both straight and ga.y at the same time.

Thank you liberals.

It is a well-documented fact that everything went to shit in Kenya after 2007.

Patricia toa Krisi.

Metro TV used to play Survivor and Fear Factor back to back on Saturdays. Only thing I remember that was good for

Mexican Telenovelas saa hii ndo zimejaza tv tu. Zikifuatiliwa na Philipines shit. Yaani you cant watch any channel with good content siku hizi lazima uingie online. Citizen nao ndo hao wana overstretch a program for effin 14 years hata inakosa ladha likes of Mother in law, tahidi high, papa shirandula, inspekta mwala etc

Hata hiyo GOT, they had to put in Neds tiny daughter with a dagger, ati the invincible warrior. Mpaka starwars the generals are now women.

Yes nakumbuka martial law, interesting thing all these shows involved cops…it was also very good

Hii Station I used to hear ilikua pirate station… Like haikua na licence na ilikua inafunguliwa outside government working hours, broadcast a few hours alaf inatingwa… Nilikua naikimbilia ile cartoon ‘double dragon’ after skul mehn…

Mimi yenye najua ni Ile ya chuck norris