TBT, what was the Modus Operandi of one Hezikiah Oyugi

I understand he was once powerful, and no one dared cross his path.
But I don’t remember this character growing up.

You must have been born in 1990


He was the internal security minister much feared by PCs,DCs …Nkaiserry is a boy scout before him…


He was head of the famous special branch, they ruled by fear, intimidation and execution. His intelligence officers drove white Land Rovers that scared everyone wherever it went. Oyugi, Biwott and Kulei were the only people with direct access to President Moi. No one dared take on Oyugi in Nyanza even babuon. He was mentioned as the planner and executioner of Ouko. The white land rover was the last car to enter Ouko home before he disappeared until his body was found in some hills. Eventually he bacame too powerful even for Moi inner circle and he died mysteriously.


Internal security Ps not Minister. A very ruthless fellow.

PS not minister

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In the 90’s I was in upper primo, I don’t know how I missed this guy.

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Me think Moi had succeeded in instilling fear on the masses through lack of information, so much so that people were ready to believe anything whispered by a person claiming to be in the know. I remember we were being told Biwott is the most corrupt person in the universe, fast forward to the post-Moi era and i’m still waiting for him to be prosecuted, now that he is no longer powerful. Even the Oyugi guy, to me, he was just hot air. Because you have to derive power from somewhere. His was from Moi. So Moi used him, the guy became stupid and allowed power to get to his head. He became a liability and Moi had to dump him.


Following 4 my grandchildren

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Are you talking of James Kanyotu coz he was the head of special branch then…

I agree that Kanyotu was the head of special branch but Oyugi actually run the show from Police, Provincial administration and special branch. In order to do big business then you needed either Oyugi favour or Biwott or Kulei.

Yes he had his day in the sun. Two years at the helm. Moi dumped anyone who threatened his power. Oyugi was a brutal dude. Arranged for his own tribesman’s head to be chopped off. Everyone involved in that murder is dead or disappeared except two or three. One lives in exile, one owns a shopping mall and another lawyer. In those days if you disagreed with government, Oyugi would order you arrested and taken to Nyayo house. Some of the people whose balls were pressed in the building were his own relatives.

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Ps not minister.

Biwott is corrupt ask how he has shareholdings in many companies…

Any litigation? At least ya Moi tumeskia, mara shamba ya Kabarak, mara sijui.

Biwott was a financial thief in the government. He was not a political crook. Kenya does not prosecute crooks in the government.