TBT....Tribute to the village....our village

Quality control

good post


I agree ,this is the only posting that made it worth logging onto to this site today. Thanks @The.Black.Templar .


Was the money refunded and how much was it?

wasnt there any back up measures or something …
And does these mean Jimmy alone was the sole operator of the site?..forgive my querries just trying to understand what happened…

Nope. He just had lots of time and patience to trawl through Twitter and Facebook and bring up photos

Remembered calling that lady and she was hyterical saying aki nimepigiwa simu na watu wengi ,pesa narudisha,that’s the spirit we had uko klost hata kama matusi ilikuwa mingi.


Niado? Hiyo sheng yako ni ya tene sana.:wink:


Pic3 I’d love to nibble those ears as I DFHK…brrrrr (tribute to Ojwang)

yes he was…either he had foreseen his death cz his website also went down at the same same time. a cple of days bfore he died he had assured me that klist was to be bck soon. am still waiting though

niaje supu?

poa sana wakameat…nawe je

He he, also saw ‘diambo’ by kabuda. Can’t remember the last time I heard that word.

sheng ya 90s…

Mtuforgive, mi na bro wangu @Ka-Buda haven’t been mitaani full time

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