Tbt: Tony Msalame

Ten years since the departure of the Shaky Leggy legend.

Who be this?

Aiii…wewe baby Panya hujui huyu? Achanga jokes bana

Late veteran radio presenter

Alituachia mali swaffi…may he continue resting in peace

Did the radio station he founded survive his death? I hope it did because that’s what we really want, that the things that we created to continue existing for decades and can be directly traced back to us.

Hii ni kitu swaffi!

I am not sure about it.

Tamu kama sunguch.

Metro fm ilizama…

Alianza yake ilikuwa inaitwa Sheki FM huko Coast. Metro ni ya KBC

Yes I was referring to Sheki FM. Grace Msalame would be running that instead of being employed

I don’t think it exists currently

Hahaha… It used to be my favourite back then juu ya hardcore hip hop. Been more than 15 years since I tuned in :slight_smile: