TBT: Slavery Edition

Appreciating the white man’s shoe game

Failure to comply with this one world be taken to a whipping center or death.


A missionary spreading Christianity in his slave chauffeured transport

Tukiride punda walikuwa wanaride zebra


White men at the carnivore playing their favorite game “Hit the nigg#r baby”

They also used nigg#r babies as alligator bait, later trademarked into letter stamps
Queen Ranavalona III was the last sovereign of the kingdom of Madagascar.


Iddi Amin gave the white folks a taste of their medicine
[ATTACH=full]45238[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]45239[/ATTACH]


Concentration camp somewhere in Kenya
[ATTACH=full]45242[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]45243[/ATTACH]

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Mau Mau were terrorists…

an old version of the current Mungiki

Wakiwa kwa cell/holding area

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[ATTACH=full]45249[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]45250[/ATTACH]

Socialite wa Enzi za Guka


ngoja niite our own religious sycophant @Acoustic akuje awashow it was the will of god

very elucidative! how didn’t we know that?!


Tbt fiti but kuna mahali Osungu.dll

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From breast and hips enlargement, silicon, plastic surgery et al, kweli mungu ni mkubwa.

The only thing that human beings have been totally unable to change or tamper with over the years is the precious gift from our maker, ‘[SIZE=4]le puthy[/SIZE]’

It is and shall remain intact:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Idi Amin good one

hujaskia kitu inaitwa tightening? modification?

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Hio ya alligator bait ni real?

In October 1919, a newspaper
printed what appears to have
been a joke titled, “Game Protection.”
It reads, “We understand the Florida
authorities are going to prohibit the
use of live pickaninnies as alligator
bait. They say they’ve got to do
something to check the rapid
disappearance of the alligator through


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shit even that article is just distasteful

hao ancestors wa homowebdev mbona wa sodomise prisoners , si wangechukua madem kienyeji hapo kwa reserves wa warape polepole .

I think alshabaab are justified kidnapping these damn whites.

Yesterday was listening to the same story on KBC sundowner and it sounded horrible , am surprised to get the same here today.


Me loving this, that’s the way man

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