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Thousand apologies kwa kuchelewesha Timbitee, Msedes ilikua imekwama in a classified (wet) location.
Twende kazi sasa. we kick off with Macarena macarena, that is all we could sing in this song, hayyyyyyyyyyy MACARENA, mpaka leo sijui what they sing about but the rythym is tops


ingine tulikua tuna fogotha ni hii Muzina till Mike Rua came to our rescue with his own wicked translation.
Muchina wa tata ena mwana ena makamburu muchina wa tata Njambi yeeeeyeyeeee Muchinaaaa.
Nake chuwe aroka emurakaru okite kuona mwanaa …


Moktar Daddah Street in Nairobi is named after Moktar Ould Daddah,who became the President of Mauritania after its independence in 1960.
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The Freemasons Hall in Nairobi was built in 1935.

In 2014 Ugandan politician Kizza Besigye made headlines here in the country when 22 year old photojournalist at the Standard Media group, Jeff Ochieng’ was believed to be his son due to their striking resemblance.

Jeff, whose mother had passed many years ago before she could tell her who his father was, told his story to a Ugandan newspaper. This attracted massive response and the Ugandan politician came out to say that he would be willing to meet up with Jeff.

The two finally met over a weekend at the politician’s home and took photos including an epic selfie that would make it even harder to believe they are not related.

Alexander Kipsang Muge as a soldier in the early 70s.

He swapped the gun for the Holy Book in 1973 to serve humankind better and get solitude of life, seek redemption and “learn the meaning of things around him” in a peaceful and non-violent way. But Anglican bishop Alexander Kipsang arap Muge would later find redemption a tall order and had to spend most of his time on the pulpit criticising the church hierarchy for practising tribalism.

He hailed from the Kalenjin nation, but had the “audacity” to direct some of the most vitriolic attacks on President Daniel arap Moi’s administration and his powerful Kalenjin inner circle. Muge, the former Bishop of Eldoret Diocese of the Anglican Church of Kenya (then Church of Province of Kenya), was outspoken in his criticism of the Kanu establishment and the government that when he met his death 27 years ago, Moi’s Kanu machine had to work hard to extricate itself from accusations of complicity.

When Bethuel Mbugua was eight years old, he chose the easy mode and just walked right up to the president. Remember that this was Moi, the man who ‘appoints and disappoints’, father of the nation and leader of ‘Chama cha mama na baba.’ To fully understand why this is the most ingenious breach of presidential security ever, some background is necessary.

Bethuel Mbugua was an exceptionally gifted boy who was enrolled in secondary school when he was seven years old and lectured over 300 universities and high schools in EA by the age of 10. By the time he was in Standard Six in 1986, he was rated too bright for his class and taken to Form Four at Ol Kalou Secondary School. But he was kicked out after a month because other students and even local residents started disrupting classes asking him to lecture them.

Suddenly all your accomplishments in life do not look like they are something huh?

With no money to move his child to a school for the gifted, Mbugua’s father plotted what still stands as most famous sneak-in on the president ever. The eight-year old boy, already blessed with more brains than he would ever need, walked right up to the president during a fundraising at Kijabe Hospital.

“I had a ready speech and when nudged by my father I walked to the President,” he says.

By the time the security guard saw him he had already gotten the attention of the President and the then VP, now President Mwai Kibaki who said “Pengine ana mchango yake (Maybe he is bringing his contribution),”

In case you are wondering, the plan did not work because Mbugua later failed an IQ test and became the ‘laughing stock of the country’. His father, ever the optimist, sneaked him to Tanzania where he made a mark lecturing universities. On October 20th 1991, as luck and opportunity would have it, the small boy who had walked right up to the president made his way to the USA to pursue the American Dream.
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Samuel Onyango Ayodo became Kenya’s first minister for Local Government in 1963. He was 33 years old.
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Thanks for macarena. apology accepted.

I can see Paul Ngei next to Kibaki. Ngei was a mukamba of the highest order. Very loud and comical.

But he was also very arrogant (nothing to do with his mukambaness). Si yeye ndio aliiba benz kutoka showroom na haukwahi lipia?

I was in primary school with his son.

No intro needed…
Anyone recognise who the other fellow is?
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For many years, our only source of African stories…

Jomo Kenyatta with his good friend Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael aka His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie in 1964.
Haile Selassie was quite at home in this interaction having kept lions and other wild animals in his palace.
This is easy… When and where was this photo taken… ?

Many may not be aware that the EAR&H operated a very serious marine service especially in Lake Victoria connecting various East African port towns.

Perhaps the most famous of these vessels was the MV Victoria. Used to do runs between Kisumu and Uganda. The first run from Kisumu would take 12 hours before docking at Port Bell, an industrial area on the outskirts of Kampala. On a different note now you know the origin of the beer brand Bell.

The next stop would be Entebbe.

Ofafa Jericho estate in Nairobi is named after Ambrose Michael Ofafa. He was a councilor in colonial day Nairobi.
watu wa Ofafa wainue mikono juu

kuna kuinua chini VE?

One of the hapless victims of the man-eaters of Tsavo. He was Col. Patterson’s labourer at the Tsavo River bridge construction site. Did you know that some of the skulls of the victims were collected in 1929 by famous paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey? They were later preserved at a British laboratory that specializes in primates - At a place called Duckworth. True to what one would expect, some of the labourers, upon sighting horrifying scenes of grotesquely devoured bodies of their colleagues, staged angry sit-ins, with a good number eventually ‘resigning’. Many of Patterson’s African workers, particularly the superstitious waswahili, believing the whole mission was cursed, would simply furtively abandon camp and start the long trek to the coast. It is not the nature of lions to raid human settlements for live bodies. What happened at Tsavo has to this day puzzled animal behaviorists.

source: @history.ke
too bad that red tape bureaucracy made this film (The Ghost and the darkness) to be shot in south africa

The first geothermal well in Kenya at Olkaria in 1971.

KAR 1953.
Sudanese soldiers were incorporated into the British Army in the late 1880s and brought to Kenya in the early 1900s. They served for the British Army in the King’s African Rifles during World War I against the Germans, and in World War II in places like Somalia, Abyssinia, Madagascar and Burma. Nubians played a vital role in the defense of Kenya and the development of East Africa. Unable to return to Sudan, the Nubians and their families remained in Kenya and in 1912, the British government
designated some 4197 acres of land for the Nubians to settle on. In 1917, the British gazetted it as land for the Sudanese askaris and their dependents. The land was located outside of what would become the city of Nairobi. The Nubians named the land, Kibra, or ‘land of forest’.

Leonard Mambo Mbotela joined VOK now KBC in 1964.

Guka was 10 yrs old

June, 1980: The moment when Charles Njonjo was sworn in as Kenya’s Constitutional Affairs Minister. Also in the photo are, from left Chief Secretary Jeremiah Kïereinï, President Moi and cabinet minister G.G. Kariuki.

source: history.ke
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