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HI Mabenda.

My name is Ema, 34yrs old and i am a nun in Rwanda. But i come from Subukia in kenya. I intend to come back to kenya in august. In need your help to trace a man i met a week before i left for Rwanda.

Let me tell you how we met. I worked in a convent near the Catholic University. I lived in Nkoroi near Kiserian. One friday afternoon, i was waiting for a matatu at Park Place dressed in a creamy white nun habit. A car pulled up and the driver offered a lift. At first, i was hesitant but on second thoughts i accepted. I climbed in and he drove off. He dropped me at my stage, did a crazy U-turn and sped off. On monday afternoon, he was there waiting for me at the stage. I climbed in. He drove off. ‘My name is @mabenda4’ he said. I told him my name. He dropped me at my stage, U-turn and sped off. Tuesday and wed he was waiting at the stage. By now i was sure he wanted me. On thursday, at Rongai, i requested him to allow me buy some Mboga at a kiosk. He parked and i stepped out. I could sense his eyes feasting on my wobbling butt. When i came back to the car, he had loosened his tie and his trouser was abit lifted… As we drove to wards kiserian, his
left hand strayed to my thighs every time he changed gears. As expected, i objected vehemently. But he was passistenet. At my stage, he parked and we talked for hours. He finally ‘convinced’ me to visit him on friday.

Long story, friday he picked me up at 8pm and we went to his place. I helped him to cook as he cracked some very witty jokes. He seemed so jovial. And in control. And dominating. And handsome in his blue basket ball shorts and vest. The soft music from his stereow was awesome. I was secretely in love with this man. When we sat down to eat, he fed me all through. Then he poured a glass of Delmonte juice and we sipped slowly as he recited some poem.

At about ten, he finaly ‘convinced’ me to remove the nun habit. Then we sat, not exactly sat but half lay on the couch with him holding me and i snuggled between his legs leaning against his chest watching a movie. He caressed me softly and lightly. Breathing hot air into my hair and ears. He fondled my boobs gently and i felt like the only woman alive. When his hands approached the fountain, i felt a tremor begin to build deep in my being. A shaft of pure pleasure radiated from the confines of my fountain. Moved slowly towards my thighs an butt skipping my clean shaven castle. Unconsciously, i had started to moan softly. He responded by kissing me gently on my neck and sucking at my ears. Then he started to bite gently at my earlobes. I was on fire. I needed him now like never before. I wanted him deep inside me. I was all his. I stretched my hand behind me and caught his rock hard shaft. I felt it twinge at my touch. Then he half twisted me and started kissing me. His tongue darted inside my mouth and he worked me like a pro. Just about
the time i was ready to be him to take me to his bed, his right hand landed on the castle and expertly found the knob. I cooed like a bird. He findeled with the pleasure knob for ages. Then a finger slipped in. I felt the finger slide up slowly up the juiced fountain. I lost all will and became his slave. I was in a daze as his finger curved and hit a
place i never knew existed. He stroked it sweetly and i felt the tremor in my stomach well up like lava. Then he bent forward and sucked at my left boob. I felt a shiver run down my spine prompting a furious gasp to
escape my teeth clenched mouth. Then he bit on my tit and the sudden pain catapulted me to a huge orgasm that left me breathless. When finaly the tremor subsided, he lay me on my back on the coach and slowly helped me out of the full dress peticot, unhooked the bra and seductively slid my panties off. He then lifted me in his hands and effortlessly carried me to the bedroom. He lowered me on the huge bed and lay next to me. Then undressed furiously and knelt between my legs. I reached out and guided his shaft to the fountain as he lowered himself on me. I wanted him deep inside me. But he just hovered at the door. Teasing the fountain with his shaft head. Head in, head out. Head in head out. Again. And again. Meanwhile he is pinching my
thighs very near the but. The tremor began once more. Pinch, head in, head out. It dint take long. I exploded inside and moaned like a moose. It was precisely at this moment that he pushed his shaft to the hilt. I felt him tearing his way inside me unabated. Then he became furious. And fast. And angry. He drilled into me with the strength of a labourer.

I lost all sense of time. He beat into me banging and crushing. Then he
tensed. I felt him expand deep inside me. Then he groaned and we both spiraled into gigantic climax. The sin was repeated twice tha night.

Then i left for Rwanda on sunday. Its been ten years since i sinned
last. Help me find him pliz Mabenda.


Cc: @Kasighau

Vivid imagery

:D:D:D:D… @Kasighau , your past has come!!! maybe to haunt you or make you reminisce

Help you find him so that you can sin more… Why can’t you just ditch nunnery altogether and follow mabendas salvation o_Oo_Oo_O


Nice one

Hehehe you guys still here