TbT: Jomo

Jomo kenyatta was jailed in 1952
If Jomo Kenyatta was released on October 11 1961, yet Uhuru Kenyatta was born in October 26 1961
Who is Uhuru Kenyatta’s father?

His detention had some privilege served… Ngina wa Like living in kapenguria.

Tell us, what your thoughts are concerning the issue.

Just check the area between the eyebrows and the upper lip. He is Jomo’s son

Filthy mind doing some thinking

Jomo had the libido and horsepower of donkeys. Remember he died in 001. I envy him.

Wadigo wanamtambua sana area ya bedminton

Anyway, sioni kitu strange hapo.

Hata wewe jua ni mama yako pekee anajua baba yako ni nani!

Don’t burst his conspiracy bubble

I’ve heard of Jomo Kenyatta and the Digo connection before in a fleeting conversation. I didn’t even pay attention because I thought at the time it was just talk. Now I see your comment and wonder if kuna kitu hapo

Lecturers are on strike but anyway those old enough to have heard Jomo talk, Uhuru’s voice and that of his father are unmistakably similar

Even physically they are extremely similar. Huyu @kymnjoro akwende na conspiracy theory zake

Uhuru ni kijana ya mzee wacheni fitina…final years of detention were basically independence negotiations so mzee was only a prisoner in name meaning mama had all access she needed with the old bull

Proceed and do a DNA test on him and whoever you suppose could be his father.

Kuna vile watoto wengine hawawezi kanwa mpaka they look like a clone of their parents when they were young. Case and point uhuru And Jomo.

Am sure there are many other children who Mzee fathered when he was in Kapenguria leave alone Uhuru!

With who? Ngei or Kubai?

Masikio,lips na macho ni the same na babake…

Me naonaga Kuna vile watu walibebewa akili hapo wakaambiwa ati Kenyatta was in jail lakini wapi ni macho alikuwa akiwafunika mababu zetu…