TBT Ignorance

This is a Ladies Chama back in May 2018 …

I wonder if the membership is now better informed … ??? :D:D


The lady in the white top at the back who takes it ad shakes it like a club really made my day … :D:D

Already wamekabukiza sti

Honestly speaking mkamba sijaelewa umeandika nini

How do you touch something like that with your bear hands

Kwani umenilipa nikueleze?

@MBOMB vile uko na umama nijibu , why carry the dildo in the handbag ? kwani unajitomba all over the place ?

That was what I was thinking the whole time. Kwanza after the owner amesema vile imempatia orgasms na wanaguza the part that is inserted kwa boot. Na madame have the audacity kusema wanaume ni wachafu!

Tf happened to decorum

Just reading some of the remarks above , one might be mistakenly believe that they are in the company of nuns and holy Joe’s …

Are you not the same Juveniles who hunt down granny’s at SJ , boast about KES: 200/= pussy that you buy , participate in all manner of deviant and Gaayyy behavior …???

Who do you think you are kidding …???
Bure Sana , … the whole lot of you … :D:D

:D:D :D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Telling it like it is , Bro …
Telling it like it is …
Too much sanctimonious , “Better-than-thou” verbal dairrhoea going on in here … :D:D:D:D

Hehe, but hunting down old hoes in sleazy clubs, going thro’ the back door, such consuming, wolfish, devilish hunger!
Cry, beloved generation of young degenerates!

Indeed …
A debauched , indisciplined ,visonless, wayward bunch of Juvenile morons …

I shudder at the thought that these are the so-called “leaders of tomorrow” …

Bure Kabisa … :D:D

Kindly advise …


How then do you deploy this object without holding it …??? :D:D:D