TBT end-month edishen.

A photo showing a street in Nairobi city in the 1970s. Notice how clean the place was.

This man almost succeeded in coming up with a cure for Ukimwi in the 90s. Jina lake?

Kamwana and Maggie as he campaigned for Gatundu south Parliamentary elections in 1997. [ATTACH=full]362079[/ATTACH]

Lady Gay advert. Huyu dada is currently the wife of a prominent politician.

This was unmissable on KBC channel one every Tuesday night…

Name these bigwigs in Kenyan political landscape. They are seen here as young men in their campus days in UoN

How our mothers used to bathe us

Slayqueens can’t relate with this:

Oginga Odinga pens his resignation letter to Jomo Kenyatta

This machine ensured you get entertained in the club the whole night. Provided you had a few coins.

Kama ulikunywa hii wachana sasa na Pombe umrudie Mungu:

Smoking wanjala, Kivutha, Ndii?

An advertisement in the newspapers of the Peugeot PSVs popular in the 60s.

Toboa ndogo ndogo. I sud retire.

Munyao haichia fendera. 12th December 1963.

60s not 90s

When Hustler was a feared Kanu politician.

People were disciplined enough in those days in matters alcohol as amplified by this Tusker slogan.

Yaani huyu hasora has been in govt for how many yrs? Yaani he was a minister yrs before many ktalkers were born?

Wooden soda crates back pre-2000