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was the Jackal real?

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Was Moi’s silver topped stick made of ivory? Was it a Turgen symbol,a sense of authority or a ceremonial accessory?

Leyland Beaver 4x2 tractor unit
Originally owned and operated by W & J Riding of Longridge Lancashire this Leyland Beaver model 14B/17R was powered by a Leyland 600 power plus engine rated at 140 BHP.
Registered new by Riding’s as ATF 550A on the 1st of November 1963 at a cost of £2,854.14s 6d they sold it after eight years service on the 31st of December 1971 for £625 to Rongai Workshop & Transport Ltd Haulage Contractors who are based in Rongai Kenya.
On arriving in Kenya the company put the vehicle through a thorough inspection.
Finding no faults what so ever they then gave it the companies livery and registered it in Kenya as KLQ 007.
Rongai Workshop & Transport Ltd are still very much in business today.

The town of Kisumu was founded in 1893 when the chief engineer of the railway under construction and a railway surveyor agreed to make it the Western terminus. It was named Port Florence after the engineer’s wife. A food depot was established then telegraph lines, roads and other means of communication built in order to connect the new port with other settlements. As the Uganda railways steadily approached Lake Victoria, C.W Hobley, a British administrator (locally nicknamed Obilo), was ordered to move from Mumias to establish the new headquarters for Nyanza Province. In 1900, he appointed Odera Ulalo, chief of several Luo pinje (multilineal territories) and, together with Hobley, established a new administrative station, which later developed into the Kisumu town of today.

where do they get parts???

CMC was founded in 1912 by Clement Hirtzel under the name Nairobi Motor Garage, in Nairobi the capital of what was at that time known as British East Africa. The company started its activities with the importation of the Ford Model T. Nairobi Motor Garage was the first company that distributed vehicles in British East Africa, which today is known as the Republic of Kenya. With the initial sales of the Ford Model T, NMG took up 52% market share of automobile sales in Kenya at that time.
In July 1948, the company was bought by one Mr. Allen and another Mr. Cooper, who had relocated from the United Kingdom to Nairobi. The company’s name was changed to Cooper Motor Corporation Private Limited, to reflect the new ownership. New products were introduced including the Land Rover, which was a success in a lot of African markets. Over the decades, the company has developed into a major importer for several different brands. CMC has maintained a relationship with Ford Motor Company and have sold a variety of pick-up trucks and van models from the American vehicle manufacturer.
Over the years, the company introduced other brands like Volkswagen, Mazda, Škoda, Maruti, Suzuki, Iveco, Nissan Diesel, Bobcat, Liebherr, Case CE, Case IH, New Holland into the market.
CMC’s CKD assembling of cars began in 1974 with the new Volkswagen Golf. It was followed by the Volkswagen Santana and by the models Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Transporter in the mid-nineties.
For the Mazda brand, the 323, 626 and Rustler were assembled in Kenya. Currently the CMC is only assembling the truck model T3500 and the BT-50 for Mazda.
CMC next introduced the Maruti brand to the Kenyan market with the small car Maruti 800 and the SUV Maruti Gypsy King. The Maruti range was completed with the Maruti Omni some years later. The latest product is the Maruti Suzuki Swift which is only imported and not official distributed through CMC.
In the 1990s the CMC introduced the Suzuki brand to the East African market with the Suzuki Vitara and the Suzuki Alto. Later the Vitara was replaced by the Suzuki Grand Vitara and the model range was completed with the Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki SX4.
The most recently introduced brand was in 2004 with Škoda and their small car Škoda Fabia, followed by the sedan version, which is assembled as the Škoda Octavia for the East African market.
For the Ford partnership, the CMC had assembled the Ford Escort, the Ford Telstar and the Ford Laser. Currently assembled models are the Ford F-250 (2004 version), the Ford Ranger THA (2004 version), Ford Focus C307 and the Ford Territory (SX model).

Source: en.wikipedia.org


A view of part of Jadini Beach Hotel, Kwale, in 1965.‬ ‪Founded by Mr. Maxwell Trench and his wife, Nellie, the hotel acquired its name from the first letters of their three kids’ names - John, Ann and Dan, joined to the kiswahili word for ‘the place of’.‬ The late politician Kenneth Matiba acquired Jadini Beach Hotel in 1968 from the Trench family.
where were you in 68

Nairobi National park. 1958.

Officially opened in 1946, Nairobi National Park was the first national park established in Kenya. Maasai pastoralists were removed from their lands when the park was created.
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I did. Yes, he was. Jackals were CIA operative used to take down not so friendly governments are the world. Castro out smarted all.

Daniel arap Moi with Ronald Ngala in London for the Lancaster constitutional talks in 1961.

The foundation of the modern day Kenyatta Avenue was laid down by one James Kerr Watson an architect and the owner of the huge Donholm Farm, which was where the estate with the same name stands today. The road was then known as 6th Avenue before its name changed to Delamere Avenue. After independence, the road was named after the President Mzee Kenyatta to the current Kenyatta Avenue.

Nairobi Welcomes You!
Mayor Harold Travis

During the Mau Mau uprising, many Kenyan villages were protected by a moat which was filled with deadly cactus needles. 1954.

Mau Mau rebellion affected the settlement patterns of the kikuyu: Small and protected villages were created by the government as a means of separating civilians from guerillas (fighters).A total of 80,000 Kikuyu men, women and children were confined in detention camps. The 1952 state of emergency forced the kikuyu to live in the protected villages together instead of the formerly scattered settlement. This later enabled easy provision of schools, health services, and market services to the people.

How the homeguards took advantage of widows and kin of fighters is another matter…

General China explanation of the name Mau Mau was that it originated when the colonial police interviewed a Maasai who had recently taken an oath.The Maasai man reportedly said that he had taken part in “Mumau”,mispronouncing muma,the Kikuyu word for oath.The white police report misspelled it Maumau.There are over a dozen other histories of this name;a rather mundane one we were taught in school was mzungu aende Ulaya Mwafrika apate Uhuru.