Taxpayers to pay real maize farmers after paying billions to crooks.

William Ruto was assuring the real maize farmers that NCPB so pay the real maize farmers. Let’s be clear, NCPB gets its funding from GoK and GoK gets its money from the taxes we pay.
So our tax money will be used to pay the real farmers after the government messed up and paid billions to crooks?
CS Henry Rotich, Kiunjuri and many other officials should be impeached while recovery of that money initiated. Kiunjuri was not minister for agriculture during the time of the scandal but he seems to be evasive and is appears to be covering up things and that should earn him an impeachment.
Kama sio handshake there would be a push by opposition that would result in shakeup in government with a few ministers getting fired.
Victoria Jebet, 60, and her two daughters – Celestine Chepchirchir and Caroline Chepchumba – appeared before Milimani Anti-corruption Magistrate Felix Kombo accused of receiving Sh297 million illegally.

Unajua vile hio handcheque ilikuwa expensive?.. Lazima pesa ingetafutwa.

Don’t you know that government= crooked farmers= ruto?

Uhuru will finish his term having achieved very little. He will be remembered as the president who’s time in office grand corruption was as normal as the sun rising in the east

Taxpayers money is continously stolen and yet they keep making laws to tax us more and more. Very discouraging

By now it should be clear to you that, it’s through such scandals that politicians reward their royal foot soldiers.
Moi used to award them with land.

My fren were you actually expecting a logical end to this?

Kujaribu tu

Farmers are selling maize @900/= for the 90kg bag. There is maize surplus in the market. Cheap maize was imported by corrupt politicians aligned to H.E.
Mumias sugar and other companies cannot find market for their sugar. Cheap sugar, now being packaged as local brands, was imported by corrupt politicians aligned to H.E.
The price of milk never go down anymore even when there is surplus of milk during rainy season. There is monopoly in the dairy industry which manipulate price of milk. All milk companies were bought by a franchise owned by business people aligned to H.E.

hehe… I dont understand why people are very logical when dissecting corruption money trials, but when it comes to politics, they become cows. the two things are intertwined so you can never find a solution to one without remedying the other.