Tax man atawakamua hadi muchangae

10% withholding tax rate charged on bonuses or dividends paid to members. Before it was 5%

16% VAT imposed on unga, milk and sugar. Before they were exempt.

16% VAT on fuel. Before it was 0%

20% Capital gains tax on sale of property.

so everything is taxed… shithole country…

This country is in the sewers. It needs to surgically remove its head from its anal hole

700% MP pension, Handshakes, NYS scandals, unafikiri hiyo pesa itatoka wapi? Next year 16% vat on water. Na by the way, wale watu walidownload kitabu ya Khamisi waisome please.

Sikuwahi enda past the introduction.

Withholding tax on dividnds has been 15%, wacha uongo.
An ideal situation is where you dont pay taxes but you also dont demand services. Compared to many countries, 16% VAT is one of the lowest

Ndio nasoma and its not amusing. Very sad story that an ignite a revolution


so ukiuza land ya 1M, govt unawapea 200k ama worrithis?

Gain = What you sold it for minus what you bought it for. Tax is 20% of that

Pole. What I meant was WHT on saccos which has been at 5%

No. Its the net gain. Before it was 5%. Now 20%

The only savior from taxes is death.

Na bado. Interest zikiongezwa we will be truly ferked.

Sugar was exempt??? Unga and milk were exempt or zero rate? Unga and milk were moved from exempt to zero rate to allow for importers to claim VAT and cushion consumers…if am right.

Based on what you declare. So 1 million sale, declare you sold at 250k . Easy . Profit was 20k. Mmm. Tax is 4k. Pay promptly. Kuripa ushulu ni kushangia NYS

Naenda Iceland kusupply garbage for power generation…fuck Kenya…

you do know there are government valuers? They assess the ‘right’ value for this and stamp duty purposes

Uhuru comes from money. He doesn’t know how it feels to sleep hungry. If he did we would see from him a more robust response to corruption scandals and taming the cost of living.

That why it’s very easy. Haven’t you ever bought freehold land and completed the transfer ?