Tax laws amendment bill 2020 .Read and weep -Konyagi1 amewamaliza kabisa

This bill must have have been written by a mad man who hates Kenyans

umbwa ii
weka kitu ya maana
ama hakuna vdeos

Chihuahua iyo ni pdf

Couldn’t agree more. I comprehensively went through it on Friday and Saturday and was shocked with what I saw. Kuna mtu ameamua mbaya mbaya


:oops: kwani ni phd ya taxation

He got nothing to lose, they say. And according to moses kuria, govt want to implement all the shit without parliament approval na kisingizio kuna corona

tupatie summary …jeuri

kwa wenye hawa tambui pdf


Meffi yeye,nse is at an all time low,his macro economic s failed him even earlier than this corona disease,even his own cs yattani and cbk governor had raised concern s on government fiscal planning and budget.

Former Githongo advisory services…apt analysis.

14 % …damn

Enjoying this with so much happiness.

Wewe nyingi wajinga wa Chupilee @spear @gashwin @FieldMarshal CouchP @Yunomi kujeni mtuambie how the Kenyan economy is doing well and Jubilee is the best ever

Tano Terror. Insert ile ngoma ya phsychophant Ben githe with fellow thurakus wakitingiza vinyambis

Wapi kumi fresh chieth.

Kitu siwezi understand ni how Policies za kusaidia Raia ni nil. taxes and more taxes…ureduce vat to 14% alafu uongeze tax kwa gas na electricity ya already suffering manufacturers.
Electricity and Fuel tax bado ni crazy.
Farmer analipa vat on pesticides yet we have unnecessary posts like CASs who enjoy hefty perks alafu allowances crazy to Mpigs and the likes. Right now, 200m kwa wasanii ni ya nini jameni. I give up!

@administrator i uploaded these images properly as ‘‘Full Image’’ yesterday but whats up with them today?. they were fine yesterday.


I said it once on ktalk but was laughed out of town; there are people at Treasury and in positions of senior management and leadership of this country who still believe they can tax their way out of the hole we are in to prosperity. I know this not out of conjecture but from hours of interacting with them by virtue of my hustle. We saw the other day KWS proposing a 300% increment on park entry fees as a solution to low revenue. Things are that bad.