Tauren's 10 commandments

  1. If logistics can’t allow you to smash, then do NOT grope. Doing so telegraphs your thirst. It’s unattractive.

  2. There’s a reason women stick with physically abusive men. Contrary to what people think, women stick with such men IN SPITE, NOT BECAUSE of the beatings. I can articulate why, but I won’t.

  3. When your woman denies you sex, it’s usually the first sign of trouble. Nothing good will come after. Sex is the barometer of love. And female love mostly comprises of respect. And a woman CANNOT love two men at the same time. It’s not how they’re wired.

  4. A cheating girlfriend will deny you sex. Why? Because to her it will feel like cheating. She’s loyal to the guy she loves. The OTHER GUY. Remember, sex is the barometer of a woman’s love.

  5. Alpha deposit. Determines how many times you can screw up before you get the boot. If you had made a good alpha impression ( deposit) , you can screw up plenty of times before the deposit runs out. Everytime you demonstrate weakness, you are making a withdrawal. Make a good impression, and she’ll forgive plenty of transgressions. But eventually the deposit will run out.

  6. There’s nothing like ALPHA or BETA. They’re sets of behaviours. A beta is a person who habitually puts the interest of others before his.

  7. Young people have a tendency to plan ahead. Big career, loving family, romantic bliss… Except you’ll have children. And some of them might be born crippled. Some of them might be whores. Another might be proud and arrogant.

  8. In life, as in politics, dance with the one who brung you. Don’t betray the person who made you what you are.

  9. If you love dancing, even if everyone says you’re the worst dancer in the world, dance your ass off. Stick with what you love.

  10. Remember those who stood by you when everyone else was tearing you down. And one day, when you’re passing by the town square and you see a crowd burning a heretic at the stake, at the very least don’t join in the applause.

Wee Beta male ushawahi kulia dem kwa kichaka au ni mehe mehe tu unakuanga nayo mingi

Well spoken. A lot of truths here for the sharp ones to pick.

Unawesa articulate the why from your perspective? I want to see kama tuko on the same wavelength hapo.

I can, but there’s plenty of psychos out there. Not gonna trust people with that info.

Can you articulate why? I am keen on listening. I can learn a thing or two from you today.

“And female love is mostly composed of respect”

Explain that point further.



do you have a reading disability?! I just said I WON’T explain why.

Then whatever you are saying is hearsay.

Still explain your point.


Why can’t you explain some of the points most members are interested in?

Tauren reminds me of a talker with eye deformity,ugly… I don’t know why

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Ever since I fuacked your smelly mother you’ve been bitter.

We don’t care!!!


I’m finally blocking you